A number of recently updated advertising rules go into effect May 15, but after hearing from license holders, the Texas Real Estate Commission decided to reconsider restricting the term realty in team names. “I understand the reasoning,” Tim Teas wrote about the rule updates, but he wondered about the efficacy of the rules. In another Advice for REALTORS® blog post about the new advertising rules, Barbara Kerr disagreed about the change to the recently adopted advertising rules to reconsider the term realty in team advertising. “A team is not realty,” she wrote.

Also on the Advice for REALTORS® blog, we wrote about the importance of face-to-face communication when negotiating. For Patrick Kernan, our advice rang true: “I’ve lost business I would have gotten had I communicated in person, and I’ve gained business I would have lost had I not spoken in person with the client.”

Texas REALTORS® also showed excitement about the new texasrealestate.com. Lilly Hughes said it sounded great, Lewis Brown was looking forward to it, and Amy Bemis was “super-stoked.” The new website has an improved design and features such as magazine content, easy access to continuing education and TREPAC information, items for volunteer leaders and association executives, and all the useful online tools you’ve come to expect from your association.