Where are the numbers in zipForm?

You can organize forms in zipForm by number. Here’s how:

  • After logging in, click on the View Forms button.
  • In the screen that pops up on the right side of the page, select which library of forms you’d like to access by clicking on ALL LIBRARIES to reveal a drop-down menu of selections.
  • After selecting [TARRES]–Texas REALTORS®, click on the sort tab underneath the search box and choose Form Number in the dropdown menu. All the association’s form offerings will get listed in numerical order.

Already know the number of the form you’re seeking? Just type it in the search box and it will come right up.

As a Texas REALTOR®, your association membership gives you exclusive access to more than a hundred forms covering transactions for which no TREC mandatory form exists. The forms are categorized with numbers. You can find the four-digit number in parentheses in the bottom-left corner of association forms. Here’s what they mean and where else you’ll see them.

They’re in categories. The first two numbers of the four digits indicate which category a form belongs to. There are 15 form categories, including residential listing agreements (1100s), commercial leases (2100s), and commission registration agreements (2400s).

They’re a quick-reference tool. The Blank Forms for Texas REALTORS® page on texasrealestate.com has a list of all forms offered by the association as well as TREC mandatory forms. The forms are in numerical order, making it easy to find the form you’re looking for instead of trying to locate it by name.

They’re the numbers in parentheses. Any time you see information about a form in this magazine or other association communications, the form number is included in parentheses after the form’s name.

So the next time you see Termination of Listing (1410), Release of Earnest Money (1904), or Residential Lease (2001), you’ll have one more way to track down the appropriate form for your transaction.