Email Specs and Stats








Open Rate

Focus Every Thursday All members 20%-27%
Brokers/Managers Monthly on the 19th 18,200 21%-27%
Farm, Ranch, and Land Monthly on the 10th 6,700 24%-30%
Property Management Monthly on the 22nd 7,000 23%-30%
Commercial Monthly on the 15th 9,600 22%-27%
Housing affordability Quarterly 9,800 18%-22%
Global Quarterly 6,200 22%-28%


Exclusive Sponsored Content

    • Only one ad is offered per email.
    • Text-based ad with the same font style as editorial content.
    • Advertisers can choose the middle or bottom of editorial content, if available.
    • 50-word maximum including headline and link
    • The headline cannot be longer than 10 words
    • 1 link in the text in body copy of up to 8 words
    • Advertisers cannot “design” ads with different fonts, caps, sizes, text alignment, etc.
    • Advertisers must include the name of their company, product, or service somewhere in the text.

Display Banner Ads

    • Up to three per email.
    • Advertisers can choose the top, middle, or bottom of the email, if available.
    • Banner: 468 x 60
    • Must be static (no animation)
    • File types accepted: JPEG, GIFs
    • Ad file size must be under 50k