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You get a lot for your TAR dues

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A ton of value for just $127 in annual Texas Association of REALTORS® dues

Even without lifting a finger, you get hundreds of dollars of value – perhaps thousands – every year.


A property tax you don’t have to pay

You save hundreds of dollars each year by not paying property tax on your personal vehicle used in your business. In 2007, TAR killed this tax being levied in some Texas counties and sure to spread to others. The amount of savings depends on your car's value and the tax rate in your area.

Doubling your license fees? No way

The Texas Association of REALTORS® squashed a proposal to double real estate brokers’ license fees. If you’re a broker, that puts $523 more in your pocket every two years.

Keeping real estate transactions affordable, so you don’t lose clients

How many times have politicians proposed real estate transfer taxes or taxes on real estate commissions? Too many to count. TAR has defeated every one of them, keeping real estate transactions affordable, so you don’t lose clients. What’s that worth to you?

If you use these services, you save even more

zipForm costs non-members more than the double the total amount of your TAR annual dues

The zipForm suite of services zipForm—​unlimited Digital Ink signatures, and zipVault—would cost you more than twice the price of your annual TAR dues if you weren’t a member. 

Get exclusive access to forms and contracts for dozens of scenarios your clients face

The TAR library of forms includes more than 100 forms, contracts, and addenda that non-members can't use for any price. How much would it cost you to hire an attorney to draft these forms for you (or to represent you in court if a transaction goes south because of poor risk management that comes without the use of specialized forms)? 


Call a lawyer without worrying about cost

You can talk to a lawyer about contracts, agency, real estate regulations, and more. As many calls as you want, all included in your annual dues.

You have many other ways to get value from your membership

Discounts a plenty

50% off of Taxbot expense tracking. 12% off Lowen signs. Up to 60% off of OfficeMax products and services. These are just a few examples of the dozens of discounts you get as a Texas REALTOR®. View your discounts

Tools to help you do business and stay out of hot water

You get 116 TAR forms that nonmembers can’t purchase for any price. Spanish translations of forms, too. Model business policies, webinars for commercial practitioners and property managers … the list goes on.

Helpful information delivered to you

Your dues includes a subscription to Texas REALTOR® magazine, which nonmembers pay $25 to receive. You also get real estate-specialty email newsletters and access to research about consumers and Texas REALTORS®.