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Constitutional Ban on Transfer Tax

A tax on the transfer of real property would discourage homeownership in Texas. According to a leading economist, that translates into a 7% reduction in sales volume. That's why we've fought hard to stop repeated attempts to pass this insidious tax.


Example: $2,000,000 (sales volume) X 0.07 = $140,000 (sales volume reduction) $140,000 (reduction in sales) X (your take-home percentage) = $ (your savings)

Mixed-use vehicle tax

Some county tax assessor-collectors were targeting Texas REALTORS® for an ad-valorem (property) tax on personal vehicles. If left unchecked, this new tax could have spread statewide to all Texas REALTORS® and other independent contractors.


Professional fees

Supported legislation to repeal the “occupations tax” that real estate brokers pay for their two-year license in Texas.

Your savings


Tax on services

We’ve defeated numerous attempts to extend the state sales tax to professional services. Had they passed, your commissions would have been taxed at 8.25%.


Add up your total annual savings


When you add it all up, TREPAC is an incredibly valuable pocketbook protector. By investing in TREPAC, you get to keep more of your hard-earned money.