It's not too late to influence Congress — Act now!

Texas REALTOR® Candidate Academy

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Do you have what it takes?

If you're thinking about running for office, we can help. 

The Texas REALTOR® Candidate Academy is a day-long introduction on how to run a modern political campaign.  If you have political aspirations, don’t miss this valuable head start!

Fee is $49.95 + tax (scholarships available in certain circumstances); price includes lunch.

Skilled instructors will teach you how to: 

  • Plan your campaign
  • Conduct research and targeting
  • Raise funds
  • Contact voters
  • Leverage the web
  • Get out the vote

The Texas REALTOR® Candidate Academy is offered for a nominal fee, and scholarships are available under certain conditions. Be advised: If you qualify as a candidate under Sec. 251.001 of the Texas Election Code, you are not eligible for a scholarship, but still may attend at your own expense.

The next Candidate Academy will be scheduled soon. For questions, contact Brandon Alderete at 512.573.3664 or