Texas REALTORS® 2018 Winter Meeting | Feb. 9-13 | Austin, Texas

Instructor Training Institute (ITI)

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Benefits of attending the ITI (16 hour)

The Instructor Training Institute course will help instructor candidates develop effective presentation and teaching methods. It is a requirement for those who want to teach GRI or other TRU training programs. The course will help instructors learn to prioritize and communicate key concepts to students. Additionally, it will help instructors learn to create participant-centered activities to reach people with different learning styles. Also, the course will encourage instructors to use feedback constructively to improve their presentation skills.

Instructors will learn techniques to help:

  • Develop and meet learning objectives
  • Know the audience
  • Identify and reach people with different learning styles
  • Relate key concepts of course material
  • Enhance presentations with ancillary materials
  • Ask questions that will stimulate meaningful class discussion

Benefits of attending the Advanced ITI (8 hour)

The advanced ITI course will help instructors enhance and improve their presentation and teaching skills. This course focuses on classroom management and creating a productive learning environment that maximizes student involvement. Also, instructors will explore ways to increase student engagement while fostering collaboration. Additionally, instructors gain strategies for reinforcing information and increasing message retention. 

Instructors will learn techniques to help:

  • Gauge the audience
  • Motivate adult learners
  • Organize a presentation
  • Reach people with different learning styles
  • Enhance presentations with activity and resources
  • Facilitate and build on student learning
  • Maintain control of the class
  • Reinforce key concepts

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