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Nov. 8, 2016 General Election 

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An election preview

The composition of both the 85th Texas Legislature and the next Texas congressional delegation was nearly determined after the 2016 primary season.

In November, just four Senate candidates (two Democrats, two Republicans) and 54 House candidates (14 Democrats, 40 Republicans) face an opponent from the other major political party—and fewer than 10 of those races (all in the House) appear to be competitive.

In summary, a major upheaval in the partisan balance isn’t likely in either legislative chamber or the Texas congressional delegation.

Straight-ticket voting

Texas is one of only nine states that offer straight-ticket voting. This option allows voters to select all of the candidates on their ballot who are running in a political party. 

But this option presents the possibility of leaving certain races blank because it doesn’t apply in nonpartisan races—such as city council and school board—or for ballot propositions.

The significance of down-ballot races

Your ballot will include statewide races, and—depending on where you live—you may also vote on your state representative or senator, or municipal elections, such as city council and school board. 

These races further down the ballot don’t get as much attention, but they have a direct impact on your daily life and livelihood. These are the elected officials who dictate the taxes you pay and make decisions that affect development, housing affordability, schools, and the business climate.

May 24, 2016 Primary Election Runoffs

Six of the 10 TREPAC-supported candidates won in the primary runoff elections. Here’s a summary of those races.

TREPAC-supported winners:

  • Texas Senate District 1: Bryan Hughes won against David Simpson and is unopposed in November.
  • Texas House District 5: Cole Hefner defeated Jay Misenheimer and is unopposed in November.
  • Texas House District 18: Ernest Bailes defeated Keith Strahan and will run unopposed in the general election.
  • Texas House District 27: Incumbent Ron Reynolds defeated Angelique Bartholomew.
  • Texas House District 33: REALTOR® Justin Holland defeated John Keating and will face Karen Jacobs in the November election.
  • Texas House District 64: Dr. Lynn Stucky defeated Read King. Dr. Stucky will face Connor Flanagan in the general election.

TREPAC-supported candidates who were defeated:

  • Railroad Commissioner: Wayne Christian defeated Gary Gates for the Republican spot in November’s general election, when he will face Grady Yarborough.
  • Texas Senate District 24: Dr. Dawn Buckingham defeated Susan King and faces Virginia “Jennie Lou” Leeder in the general election.
  • Texas House District 73: Kyle Biedermann defeated incumbent Doug Miller and will run unopposed this fall.
  • Texas House District 128: Briscoe Cain defeated incumbent Wayne Smith. Cain is unopposed in November.

Download the list of the candidates TREPAC supported in the primary runoff elections. 

How did your elected official perform during the 84th Texas Legislature? Download the TAR scorecard to find out

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