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REALTOR® of the Year

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The REALTOR® of the Year Award is given annually to a Texas REALTOR® who has made outstanding contributions to the industry through involvement at the national, state, and local levels over the past ten years.

The nomination deadline is December 1, 2017. 

See a list of past winners.

Contact Ruth Lyons for more information. 

Nomination guidelines and qualifications

  1. No more than one REALTOR® may be honored each year. The recipient is selected by the DSA/REALTOR® of the Year committee. The committee will name one (or no) recipient based on nominations submitted by local associations.
  2. The current TAR Chairman of the Board, Immediate Past Chairman, and TAR and local association staff are not eligible for the award.
  3. The REALTOR® of the Year award shall be presented by the previous year's REALTOR® of the Year at the annual Texas REALTORS® Winter Meeting in Austin.
  4. Only one nominee from each local association will be considered, but an association other than his or her own may nominate the candidate. There shall be no campaigning for this award.
  5. Any Texas REALTOR® who has been a member of his or her local association for two or more years is eligible, with the few exceptions listed in item #2 above.
  6. Letters of endorsement and/or recommendation in support of this candidate will be accepted from the president and/or association executive of the nominating and/or primary association ONLY. Letters can be mailed to TAR by the nomination deadline. Additional recommendations should not be solicited or submitted.
  7. A recent photograph is required in a digital format or, if none is available, a photograph can be mailed to TAR by the nomination deadline.
  8. Notifying the candidate of the nomination is at the discretion of the association submitting the nomination. Confidentiality is not a requirement.
  9. Following the nomination process each year, all nominations, other than the one selected, will be discarded and will not be automatically considered the following year. Candidates will only be considered if a new nomination is submitted.
  10. The online nomination template provides five bullet points in each category, but it is expandable and can accommodate an unlimited number of entries in each category. Nominations can be submitted online; written/typed nominations will also be accepted.

The following criteria are considered in determining the recipient of the award. Evaluation is based on the individual's ranking in each category. The selection committee will apply the indicated percentage figures below and award the individual who has the highest "weighted" score.

National Service (10%): Include all NAR contributions, i.e., offices held, committee assignments, participation in work group and/or task force meetings, service as a legislative liaison, participation in calls-to-action, consistent attendance at NAR meetings such as conventions, Hill Visits, or other national meetings, membership held in any of the institutes, societies or councils, visits made to out-of-Texas associations as speaker or guest, and any other national-level activity.

State Service (35%): Include all TAR contributions and service, i.e., offices held, committee assignments, attendance at TAR meetings such as Conference, Winter Meeting, and Hill Visits. Participation in legislative assemblies, calls-to-action, PAC events, seminars, educational programs as an instructor or monitor, in-town and out-of-town visits to other associations, membership in affiliated organizations, and other state-sponsored activities.

Local Service (30%): Include contributions and service, i.e., all offices held, committee service, special assignments, participation in PAC activities, meeting attendance, seminar activity, education work, membership and offices held in local chapter of the institutes or other related organizations.

Civic and Community Service (10%): List activities or involvement with Chamber of Commerce work, religious and cultural contributions to the community, public welfare, campaigns, and political offices held (with or without pay). Examples include city council, commissioner's court, school boards, planning commission, etc.

Individual Accomplishments (15%): List contributions that have enhanced the image of the real estate professional, the industry and/or include examples of the nominee's participation as a mentor or role model to new members at the local, state, or national level.

Applications will be reviewed by the selection committee and, upon selection, TAR will immediately contact the nominating association to begin gathering information for special video preparation. Local assistance in coordinating participation by the recipient's family and friends will be necessary.