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Advice for Texas REALTORS®

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A man in a suit looking at a document in his hand

Do you know these agency disclosure requirements?

10/14/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

Make sure you're complying with these requirements for license holders under The Real Estate License Act.

Categories: Legal

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What you don’t know about Texas license holders

09/27/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

This infographic of Texas Real Estate Commission data shows top complaints and more.

Categories: Research

The flag of Texas flapping in the wind.

Changes proposed by TREC

08/25/2016 | Author: Legal Staff

What the Texas Real Estate Commission did and did not propose at its most recent meeting.

Categories: Business tips, Legal, Meetings, Members

Texas REALTOR® Magazine Minute heading for series of short videos

What your unlicensed assistant can no longer do

08/10/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

Make sure you're complying with this change to the way TREC interprets rules for unlicensed assistants.

Categories: Legal

Six young professionals standing and smiling at the camera

3 actions you must take to get your Texas broker’s license

06/16/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

Read this if you’re thinking about becoming a licensed broker.

Categories: Business tips

Two woman and one man talking in a small group looking at a piece of paper together

What can my unlicensed assistant do?

06/10/2016 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

Changes to how TREC interprets showing a home has consequences for what your unlicensed assistant can do.

Categories: Legal

An overhead shot of a woman sitting at a table with scattered papers, paperwork in her hand, and using the other hand to click on the mousepad on her laptop

Is it legal for you to help other people protest their property-tax appraisals?

04/28/2016 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

What the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and the Texas Real Estate Commission say about real estate licensees helping consumers protest their property-tax appraisals.

Categories: Legal

A man and woman pulling a for sale sign with a sold rider on it with a child running in the background

Are you following TREC’s ad rules?

04/15/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

A review of what’s required for Texas real estate license holders.

Categories: Legal

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How to link to a completed IABS form in six steps

04/11/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

The latest Texas REALTOR® Magazine Minute explains an easy way to provide the Information About Brokerage Services form online.

Categories: Forms, Legal

A man, woman, and another man sitting on a couch with only their legs and laps visible. Each has a laptop in his or her lap.

One way to create a link to your IABS form

03/25/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

Here’s a method for linking to a completed Information About Brokerage Services form in your websites and emails.

Categories: Forms, Legal