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Tag: Legal

A toy house and $1 bills on top of a blank contract

Is Earnest Money Required to Make a Contract Effective?

10/30/2013 | Author: TAR Editorial Staff

The elements of a valid contract.

Categories: Ethics, Legal

A woman in a business suit looking at a young man and woman who are looking at a laptop on the table

When to Provide the Information About Brokerage Services form

09/27/2013 | Author: TAR Editorial Staff

Is it sufficient to link to the IABS form from our firm's website?

Categories: Legal

Two hands shaking in the foreground with a woman holding a clipboard with a piece of paper that says CONTRACT in the background

Does a Seller have to Disclose an Inspection Report He Didn’t Read?

09/01/2013 | Author: TAR Editorial Staff

Your responsibilities and those of your seller regarding the contents of buyers’ home-inspection reports.

Categories: Legal

A REALTOR® sitting down shaking hands with another man

3 Reasons to Get Representation Agreements in Writing

08/15/2013 | Author: TAR Editorial Staff

Three important reasons why broker-client relationships should be in writing.

Categories: Legal

Young, smiling male REALTOR® shaking hands with middle-aged man in front of apartment building

Does a Seller have to Accept a Full-Price Offer?

08/01/2013 | Author: TAR Editorial Staff

The obligations of a seller who receives an offer that matches the listing price.

Categories: Legal

Two hands grasped above a signed contract and cash

The Right Way to Work 2 Sides of 1 Transaction

07/11/2013 | Author: TAR Editorial Staff

Avoid acting improperly by learning these requirements for serving as an intermediary.

Categories: Legal