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Male holding a smartphone in one hand and using a pointer finger to touch the screen with the other

When a broker can pay an agent’s commission to a business entity

04/11/2017 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

A recent topic from the TAR Legal Hotline.

Categories: Legal

Man working at desktop computer

Don’t let someone else’s online mistake get you into legal trouble

03/16/2017 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

By updating this information with the U.S. Copyright Office, you are one step closer toward receiving protection from certain copyright-infringement claims.

Categories: Business tips, Legal

Two men in suits shake hands across a table while three women in business attire clap.

Why you should be looking for agents with strong ‘soft skills’

02/13/2017 | Author: Editorial Staff

Soft skills like perseverance and self-control can give your agents a boost and benefit your brokerage.

Categories: Business tips

Two woman and one man talking in a small group looking at a piece of paper together

What a broker should do when offering assistance to solicit new agents

02/09/2017 | Author: Editorial Staff

Learn if promising leads in exchange for a required payment is an acceptable practice.

Categories: Legal

A man in a suit with crossed arms standing in front of a larger group of people also in business attire

Brokers: How to give your agents better feedback

07/21/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

Try these strategies to give better feedback to your agents.

Categories: Business tips

A close-up shot of a hand holding a smartphone with a laptop on a table in the background

3 tips from the Legal Hotline

07/07/2016 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

Use this information to avoid legal mishaps when it comes to fee disputes, assistance animals, and getting your commission from a builder.

Categories: Property Management, Legal

Brown exterior of a commercial building

What brokers should know about having multiple offices

06/23/2016 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

Find out if a broker can have multiple offices and if there’s a limit on how many.

Categories: Legal

A man in a blue shirt and tie with his arms crossed

What brokers should know about complying with the ADA

05/12/2016 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

How the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to brokerage offices.

Categories: Legal

A man in a suit pointing toward his laptop on the table with one hand and with a pen resting on a pad of paper on the table in the other hand

5 ways to improve your sales meetings

02/15/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

Get tips to run sales meetings that are engaging and informative for your agents.

Categories: Business tips

A man in a suit with crossed arms standing in front of a larger group of people also in business attire

4 ways brokers can help new agents succeed

12/10/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

Start a new agent off on the right foot with this advice.

Categories: Business tips