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Category: Legal

A blank form with the word

Should your client use this addendum?

03/10/2017 | Author: TAR legal staff

Learn how making the Addendum for Sale of Other Property by Buyer part of the contract protects your buyer.

Categories: Legal

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Is renting to immigrants who are in the U.S. without documentation a liability for Texas landlords?

03/09/2017 | Author: Legal Staff

A recent court decision clarifies how a 2015 state law affects landlords.

Categories: Property Management, Legal, Landlords, Renters

Gavel resting on round block on top of legal book

How TAR protects you from frivolous lawsuits

03/08/2017 | Author: Editorial Staff

The Texas Association of REALTORS® worked to amend the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and has resources you can use to respond to legal threats.

Categories: Legal

A red keychain in the shape of a house is attached to a single silver key and sitting on a wooden floor.

When can the seller turn off the electricity?

02/23/2017 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

Find out what the TREC contract says about sellers’ requirements during the contract period.

Categories: Legal, Buyers, Sellers

clipboard with pen and contract on it

Why you may need to fill in an amount for seller’s expenses

02/22/2017 | Author: Legal Staff

How government-backed loans affect Paragraph 12

Categories: Legal

Stack of books on a library table topped by a model of a house

Have you heard TREC’s decision about unlicensed assistants?

02/16/2017 | Author: Editorial Staff

The Texas Real Estate Commission recently adopted and proposed amendments to several rules, including one about unlicensed assistants.

Categories: Legal

Two woman and one man talking in a small group looking at a piece of paper together

What a broker should do when offering assistance to solicit new agents

02/09/2017 | Author: Editorial Staff

Learn if promising leads in exchange for a required payment is an acceptable practice.

Categories: Legal

Drone flying in the air

Are you breaking Texas law when you fly your drone?

02/07/2017 | Author: Editorial Staff

What the Texas Privacy Act says about using drones for real estate.

Categories: Legal, Land, farm, ranch

A man in a suit looking at a document in his hand

Is there a form to use when withdrawing an offer?

02/03/2017 | Author: Editorial Staff

Prompt communication of withdrawal is essential.

Categories: Forms, Legal

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Do this before you accept tenant applications

01/27/2017 | Author: Editorial Staff

Make the tenant-screening process easier with proper preparation.

Categories: Property Management, Legal