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Why there’s no excuse for having an outdated blog

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03/28/2014 | Author: Editorial Staff

Raise your hand if this is your situation: You created a blog to promote yourself and your real estate business, but after the initial flurry of content ideas wore off, now you only post every few weeks ... if even that often.

So, what’s your reason for only posting once a season? Maybe you aren't sure what to write about, or you have ideas but just can’t find time to write. Sorry, but you can't rely on either excuse anymore.

What should you write about? All of it
Your world is full of potential blog-post topics—even the people you interact with every day have stories to tell. Former clients, service providers, and local small-business owners are all potential content sources. Ask them what they love about their neighborhood or what their own homebuying experience was like. Tell them what you’re doing and offer to link to their website from yours.

If you’re still at a loss for ideas, check out a recent article on Inman.com titled “101 amazing blog post ideas for your real estate website.” It actually only lists 40 ideas, but they’re good potential starting points. Here are a few:

  1. Write about why you love living and working in your town.
  2. Explain why consumers should care about real estate sales being handled by professionals.
  3. List online resources for people relocating to your area.

You don’t have to think of everything
On the days when you don’t have time to write original content, take advantage of the Advice for Consumers blog at TexasRealEstate.com. It’s updated regularly with legal Q&As written by TAR attorneys, Texas market data, and tips for buyers, sellers, landlords, and renters. And it’s all yours to share.

We’ll even tell you when new content is posted. Sign up here to be notified when the consumer blog and member blog are updated. 

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