What you don’t know about Texas license holders

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09/27/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

How do you stack up against other license holders in Texas? Data from the Texas Real Estate Commission’s monthly staff reports offer insights into license holder activity and the work this government agency is involved in. This infographic highlights some stats that may surprise you, like the number of active license holders in the state, the top complaints against license holders, and the percentage of brokers and sales agents who pass the real estate licensing exams on their first try.

Infographic with TREC stats

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Brenda Flores on 10/02/2016

Betty not all Realtors are like that. I’ve worked in mortgage for 17 years. When I switched to Real Estate a year ago.. I had a hard time trying to find a Broker who matched my ethics and my values.. Not because they were bad brokers but they are trained mentally in quantity not quality….. I was trained for 17 years by banks on what they will and wont buy or lend against in a home…  Your home to a bank is an investment on their books. When they lend money on your home they need to make sure the Buyer will be able pay them back. This is called an investment.

The majority of sellers understand this which is why Real Estate is such a lucrative business.

But a huge portion of Sellers and unfortunatly some Realtors dont understand that your home is an investment to a bank

Which means a bank is NOT going to lend more than what your home appraises for ..Nor will a Buyer give you more than what your home is worth

There is only a .000003 percent chance a cash buyer will come in and give you more than what your home is valued for,  and even then they are going to want a Premium Home with the Premium value . Meaning your home needs to have the bells and whistles to attract that cash buyer.

This is why its important to hire an experienced Realtor. No one wants to under value your home because Realtors are paid out of the proceeds of your home.  To me that paycheck is a victory ... but if i cant sell your home it becomes a loss and write off on my tax returns.. .. I would rather have the reward…

Bottom line is .. You should interview your agent .. There are over 100 thousand Realtors in Texas..  Many Realtors are new.. you just need to interview your agent and immediately set expectations. its your home and they work for you.

My name is Brenda Flores I serve the Fort Bend/ West Houston Area. let me know if you need help. 832 322 1408.. if your not in my area. ill help you find a good agent to serve your needs!


Ward Lowe on 09/30/2016

@Jay: TAR publishes research on the business activity of REALTORS® in Texas. You can find the annual reports here: https://www.texasrealestate.com/for-texas-realtors/profile-of-texas-realtor. Look at Section 2: Business activity of REALTORS®.

Jay Swearingen on 09/30/2016

A statistic I would like to see you guys research and publish.
Of the active sales agents in Texas, how many completed at least one side of one transaction in the previous 12 months. My guess: Under 40%

Betty Ames on 09/29/2016

the above reasons are all the reasons I do not participate much in real estate. To many do not take the laws serious and will do absolutely anything to make $$$$ and that includes lies.
I have seriously told 2 [one broker and the other a license agent for many years] never to bother to call me again due to their deceit and lies they had told me. That I would not work with them again and would not honor their calls.

Thanks for asking.

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