They’re moving to Texas, but can Texas handle them?

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The Texas flag waving in the wind.

10/01/2014 | Author: Editorial Staff

Texas has what people want, and they're moving here by the thousands to get it, according to the 2014 Texas Relocation Report released today by the Texas Association of REALTORS®. In fact, the report shows that the state gained more residents from out of state in 2013 than any other state, with 584,034 people moving here from other locations.

Here are a few more of the report's findings: 

  • California and Florida brought the largest number of people to Texas, followed by Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Illinois. 
  • Texas had a net gain of out-of-state residents, with 138,057 more people moving into Texas than Texas residents moving out.  
  • Harris County had the largest inflow of people, but the majority of counties with the largest inflow of people are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and Central Texas. 

How you can help manage this growth
Texas needs resources to create and maintain infrastructure that can handle the state's growth, so the Texas Association of REALTORS® encourages you to vote for Proposition 1 on the Nov. 4 ballot. TAR Chairman Dan Hatfield says this measure will help the state adopt a new funding source for transportation projects. "Proposition 1 will provide much-needed funding and a big step forward in eliminating the $5 billion in statewide transportation needs that go unmet each year," Hatfield says. 

Download the full report to see more statewide statistics and data from your county. Visit to learn more about Proposition 1. 

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Mike McEwen on 10/01/2014

For those who believe in intellectual honesty, this link needs to be read.  Texas is not ready for all the incomers and is not willing to admit it nor take the steps to resolve the issue.

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