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South Padre Island REALTORS® work with city leaders to amend ordinance

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12/27/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

When the South Padre Island City Council passed a short-term rental ordinance in May 2015, area REALTORS® were not pleased. Several of the ordinance’s provisions created potential problems for REALTORS® and landlords.

One troubling rule held property owners responsible for bad behavior by guests in a short-term rental. Another required a local contact person to respond within one hour to any complaint regarding the short-term rental’s condition, operation, or conduct of tenants. REALTORS® also were concerned that a future city council could raise the fee on registrations and charge another fee when a property was transferred.

Since the ordinance was already in force, options were limited. Local REALTORS® made a decision that would pay off, though. They contacted the Texas Association of REALTORS® to request assistance from the association’s Issues Mobilization Committee. Issues Mobilization Committee members and TAR staff met several times with the South Padre Island REALTORS® to share advice for addressing the issues. The committee also put local board leaders in touch with contacts at NAR who could provide additional counsel.

Armed with information and a strategy, South Padre Island REALTORS® met with city leaders. They explained several unintended consequences created by the new ordinance. And in November 2016, the South Padre Island City Council amended the ordinance, accepting all three recommendations the REALTORS® had made. The council even commended the board for handling the matter “in the spirit of cooperation.”

“TAR’s issues mobilization assistance was invaluable."

South Padre Island Board of REALTORS® president David Gower recalls that although a lot of people were upset with the original ordinance, there were strong proponents, too. “TAR’s issues mobilization assistance was invaluable,” says Gower. “That gave us the guidance we needed on how to approach the situation.” Gower says the board was grateful for the chance to work with the city council to discuss legitimate concerns—something they plan to continue to do in the future.

Facing a local issue that may have implications for all Texas REALTORS® or property owners? Learn how to apply for Issues Mobilization assistance.

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