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11/06/2014 | Author: Editorial Staff

Tuesday’s update to zipForm Plus resulted in two new features you can use right now:

Share forms online via zipForm Plus to anyone—buyers, sellers, tenants, other agents and brokers. People you invite to your Community can view documents and fill in and edit forms.

This feature is available for all forms in your zipForm Plus account. Check out this PDF about Community to get started.

Note: You cannot sign documents within Community; you’ll need to use DocuSign or Digital Ink. Also, Community doesn’t affect the three forms that consumers can fill out and sign via DocuSign or Digital Ink: Seller’s Disclosure Notice (TAR 1406), Residential Lease Application (TAR 2003), Owner’s Notice Concerning Condition of Property Under Property Management Agreement (TAR 2206). These forms can also be used in the Community tool.

File and document approval
Brokers can now review, leave notes about, and approve their agents’ documents electronically with zipForm Plus. An agent can flag anything from a single form to an entire transaction for review and receive notifications of any notes or changes to the approval status.Read more about file and document approval.

Learn more about both these new features by contacting zipForm at 800-383-9805 or

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Jerri Schick on 05/23/2015

I was not able to get the editable seller’s disclosure sent to my seller’s using internet explorer but it worked using firefox browser.

jeanette on 11/12/2014

Zipform tech guys couldn’t get it to work consistently either.
Tech staff said they had to research it and call back,  which was 6 days ago.
It’s pretty much useless if it only works 1 time out of 10.

Dawn Clayton on 11/12/2014

How do I get the document approval icon?

jeanette on 11/06/2014

I got it to work one time only!!!

Jeanette on 11/06/2014

Talked to Mason at Zipform and he walked me through; key is NOT to
click “done” after you’ve checked who is to be emailed the document; go click on
“next” instead and the TAR seller disclosure form will appear with all the boxes
for the receiving party to check/complete.

This will save me from having to track down a separately emailed document to be

Hope this helps!

Rick on 11/06/2014

Really?  I have repeatedly tried to get that feature to work,  to no avail.  If you read the comments in that link you will see that I am not alone,  yet there is no response on how to do it.

Editorial Staff on 11/06/2014

@ Jeanette: Here’s the original post about that feature complete with a video from zipForm describing how to do it:

Jeanette on 11/06/2014

How do we send a form that needs consumer to complete, i.e., seller disclosure, and
sign via zipform plus?

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