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12/09/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

The Texas Association of REALTORS® and Texas Real Estate Commission revised several forms with changes that take effect January 1. The new versions will be mandatory on that date, but you’re free to use them now. All revised forms are on the Blank Forms page on, and will be available in zipForm no later than January 1.

Why the changes?
Most of the revisions were made in November by the Texas Real Estate Commission. The December 2015 issue of Texas REALTOR® magazine includes an article that explains those changes and a one-page PDF you can download as a reference.

The Texas Association of REALTORS® updated its forms to be consistent with the TREC changes. TAR also revised property management and leasing forms due to a new law regarding security devices.

TREC also updated its Information About Brokerage Services form and Consumer Protection Notice, but they have a February 1 effective date. Both forms are on the Blank Forms page on and will be available in zipForm by their effective date.

Which TAR forms are changing?
You can view redline versions of revised TAR forms and view summaries of the changes on the Adopted Form Revisions page on Here’s the list of revised TAR forms:

  • Seller’s Disclosure Notice (TAR 1406)
  • Residential Listing Checklist (TAR 1415)
  • General Information and Notice to a Buyer (TAR 1506)
  • New Residential Condominium Contract (Completed Construction) (TAR 1608)
  • New Residential Condominium Contract (Incomplete Construction) (TAR 1609)
  • Buyer’s Walk-Through and Acceptance Form (TAR 1925)
  • Seller’s Estimated Net Proceeds (TAR 1935)
  • Approximation of Buyer’s Closing Costs (TAR 1936)
  • Relocation Addendum (TAR 1941)
  • Notice of Tenant’s Intent to Vacate (TAR 2218)
  • Residential Lease (TAR 2001)
  • Extension of Residential Lease (TAR 2005)
  • Residential Lease for a Multi-Family Property Unit (TAR 2011)
  • Itemization of Security Deposit (TAR 2216)
  • Commercial Contract-Improved Property (TAR 1801)
  • Commercial Contract-Unimproved Property (TAR 1802)
  • Condominium Addendum to Commercial Contract (TAR 1930)

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Josephine costen on 01/14/2016

I guess you have to keep those “lawyers” paid and busy because most of the changes you keep making seem so unecessary!!  I remember when the contract used to be just a couple of pages!!!  You would think they would get it right and leave them alone.

Judy Burrows on 12/28/2015

Would you recommend that all my property owners sign the new Property Management Agreement?

Raul Giorgi on 12/14/2015

Regarding the addition to Residential Sellers Disclosures to become effective January 1, 2016.  Specifically as it pertains to the new question: “Any portion of the Property that is located in a groundwater conservation district or a subsidence district. ” Possible answers: Yes, or No”

Could anyone explain how to determine when a property may be located in such district?  I am aware that the primary counties I serve “Harris and Montgomery” have enacted districts regarding groundwater conservation, so does that mean that all property owners with residences for sale within either of these counties have to disclose “Yes” on that question?

Ward Lowe, TAR staff on 12/14/2015

@Tina: The leasing and property management forms are tied to new laws that don’t go into effect until Jan. 1. Therefore, the new versions cannot be posted for use until then.

@Vickie Sue: Yes, all the changes will be available in zipForm no later than Jan. 1, 2016.

@David: You can find a discussion of the TREC changes here:

Tina Canary on 12/14/2015

Other Forms on the Blank forms list that are not updated but are on the 1-1-16 NEW forms list:
(TAR-2011) 1-1-14 Tenants: ______, ______, ______, ______ & Landlord or Landlord’s Representative: ______, ______ Page 1 of 15
(TAR-2216) 4-13-07 Page 1 of 2
Please advise when updated. Thank you!

Tina Canary on 12/14/2015

And TAR 2005, too.(Still has 1-1-14 date but is referenced in the 1-1-16 NEW forms list) Please confirm.
(TAR-2005) 1-1-14 Tenants: ______, ______, ______, ______& Landlord or Landlord’s Representative: ______, ______ Page 1 of 2
Thank you!

Tina Canary on 12/14/2015

Please confirm. TAR 2001 has 1-1-14 on it still. Is it supposed to be the updated 2016 version?
(TAR-2001) 1-1-14 Tenants:_____,_____,_____,_____ & Landlord or Landlord’s Representative:_____,_____ Page 1 of 16

Vickie Sue Brannan on 12/11/2015

Will the revised forms be populated to Zip Forms, for use, January 1, 2016?

David Davis on 12/11/2015

I see no reference to the changes to all of the purchase contracts regarding license holder disclosure, the change in the ending of option period, just to name a few….

Tom Morgan on 12/09/2015

Excellent and helpful reminder of these critical form changes.

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