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03/02/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

Thank you, Texas REALTORS®. Your dedication to electing pro-real estate candidates to office paid off in a big way in the primary elections: REALTOR®-supported candidates won their races and will be back in office to keep fighting for you. These candidates—from both political parties—are the best choices for the real estate industry and the future of our great state.

Several races will be determined in runoff elections on May 24, with early voting May 16-20. Sign up for TAR’s Legislative Liaison newsletter to stay in the loop about elections and legislative sessions in Austin and Washington, D.C.

Here are some highlights:

By the numbers

  • NAR, TAR, and TREPAC took positions in 79 races, with a 91% success rate: 67 candidates won their races, while 5 are heading to runoffs
  • About 4.2 million Texas voters cast their ballots in the primaries
    • 2.8 million in the Republican primary
    • 1.4 million in the Democratic primary

Supreme Court of Texas
Texas Supreme Court Justices Debra Lehrmann, Paul Green, and Eva Guzman won re-election. TAR proudly endorsed all three.

U.S. Congress
At the federal level, NAR endorsed candidates in 20 contested primaries, winning 19. Unfortunately, the one loss is Dolly Elizondo, a REALTOR® from South Texas, who fell about two percentage points shy of making the runoff for the Democratic nomination for CD 15.

Texas House and Senate
Overall, TAR-supported candidates did well in House and Senate races. TREPAC offered support in 56 state legislative races, finishing with 45 wins, six losses, and five supported candidates headed to runoffs.

Of special note, three Texas REALTORS® who currently serve as state representatives—Hubert Vo, D-Houston; Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth; and Cindy Burkett, R-Sunnyvale—won their contests. Texas REALTOR® Justin Holland, R-Heath, and affiliate member and incumbent Rep. Doug Miller, R-New Braunfels, are heading to runoff elections in their respective state House races.

Great opportunities
The association won 13 of its 19 state opportunity races, with two losses and four races going into a runoff. Opportunity races are a collaborative effort for select campaigns between the Texas Association of REALTORS® and local associations to encourage local Texas REALTORS® to vote for supported candidates.

State-level opportunity race wins

  • SD 26 – Sen. José Menéndez, D-San Antonio
  • HD 2 – Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Van
  • HD 12 - Rep. Kyle Kacal, R-College Station
  • HD 14 – Rep. John Raney, R-College Station 
  • HD 17 – Rep. John Cyrier, R-Lockhart
  • HD 47 – Rep. Paul Workman, R-Austin
  • HD 58 – Rep. Dewayne Burns, R-Cleburne
  • HD 81 – Rep. Brooks Landgraf, R-Odessa
  • HD 89 – Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, R-Parker
  • HD 99 – Rep. Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth (REALTOR®)
  • HD 113 -  Rep. Cindy Burkett, R-Sunnyvale (REALTOR®)
  • HD 114 – Rep. Jason Villalba, R-Dallas
  • HD 121 – Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio

Opportunity race losses

  • HD 60 – Kevin Downing, R-Granbury (open seat)
  • HD 115 – Bennett Ratliff, R-Coppell

Opportunity race runoffs

  • SD 1 – Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola
  • HD 33 – Justin Holland, R-Heath (open seat) (REALTOR®)
  • HD 73 – Rep. Doug Miller, R-New Braunfels (Affiliate)
  • HD 128 – Rep. Wayne Smith, R-Baytown

NAR also engaged in opportunity races for eight REALTOR® Champions—and all eight won:

  • CD 3 – Sam Johnson, R
  • CD 6 – Joe Barton, R
  • CD 7 – John Culberson, R
  • CD 8 – Kevin Brady, R
  • CD 21 – Lamar Smith, R
  • CD 29 – Gene Green, D
  • CD 32 – Pete Sessions, R
  • CD 33 – Marc Veasey, D

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Justin Holland on 03/04/2016

I’ve never been prouder to be a REALTOR® in Texas than I am heading into a runoff May 24 with the full support of my industry leaders and partners. I absolutely would not have been able to compete and win without TAR/TREPAC, CCAR and MetroTex support. Let’s finish it and take the seat for REALTORS®!

Edwin J Hocker, Jr on 03/03/2016

Overall, that’s very good news.  However, I take strong exception to your support of Bryan Hughes in the SD-1 race.  Mr. Hughes has not been an effective legislator in the House because of extremist positions, such as waging unwinnable fights with Speaker Joe Strauss at the beginning of each session.  He is not likely to be any more effective in the Senate.  A far better, more mature candidate in that race is ex-General “Red” Brown.

Clark Niblock on 03/03/2016

Glad to see so many Realtor’s friends won on the 1st.
Property rights are secure because of this victories.

Jan Hicinbothom on 03/03/2016

It always so gratifying to see our TREPAC investment dollars helping a Realtor Champion. Very proud to be part of the process.
Very proud to be part of such a

Marilyn Frederick on 03/03/2016

What great does show that the boots on the ground and our grass roots movement is working.  Now for the next challenges…... the runoffs.  Our fabulous staff at the local and state associations truly help us focus our efforts in the most productive ways.  The is a team effort and I am so proud to be on the Realtor Party Team!

Cindi Bulla on 03/03/2016

Realtors® all over the state were out in force doing everything from voter registration, to block walking and manning polls.  What a testament to the commitment of our membership to making a difference in our communities!  We are taking GA to the next level by providing a one-two punch in the form of TREPAC support combined with delivery of the message.  TREPAC is more important than ever, but in today’s world of biased news and social media, we must also be the trusted source on whom consumers rely for facts and carefully thought out recommendations.  It starts with a fantastic GA staff and committed GA volunteers at the state and local levels.  Well done, Texas Realtors®!

Romeo Arrieta on 03/03/2016

It was a great election for our Realtor Champions, but we need to focus our efforts on getting those supported candidates help for their runoffs.

Jeff Varnell on 03/03/2016

I’m so proud to be a TX Realtor!  We fought the good fight. We lost on a couple of opportunity races, but our margin of victory statewide is impressive. There is still more work we have to do before May runoffs. Let’s help our industry and get out and help a REALTOR endorsed candidate in the upcoming weeks!

Candy Cargill on 03/03/2016

Wonderful stats.  REALTORS can make a difference in the run off elections. Super important to vote.

Ben Huynh on 03/02/2016


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