How to terminate a month-to-month lease

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01/06/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

A tenant is on a month-to-month lease and is current on his rent. However, the landlord for this property, which I manage, does not want the month-to-month lease to renew any longer. What form should I use?

Use the Notice of Landlord’s Intent Not to Renew (TAR 2217). The landlord must still comply with the notice requirements in Paragraph 4B of the TAR lease.

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Lynne Johnston on 03/22/2016

I am asking the right way to evict a person from my home, who do not have a rental agreement papers in their name. No rent receipts.  I told them no alcohol and drugs, yet they still bring them in my home. It is a month to month rent

Marcia Livingston on 02/03/2015

To find the forms:  ZipForm and DotLoop both have a search feature where you can enter a word or words from the title of the form.  Valuable resources are TAR’s “List of Forms” and “Form Description and Reference”. The latter lists the latest revision date, the purpose of the form (when to use; when not to use it), and the TREC number so you know if it’s promulgated. Lease forms are in the 2000’s section and the property management forms are in the 2200’s. Online at:

Virginia Muller on 01/08/2015

What is the tar FORM number for the landlord lease extension?

Alexandra Fincher on 01/06/2015

Thank you for this great response.  I just had this question posed to me.  I will forward this form to the Landlord.

Susan Wilson on 01/06/2015

Good afternoon,

We use the TAR lease extension form which gives the Landlord an option to raise the month to month rent to a ridiculously high price for the luxury of remaining tenant at will OR, the landlord can choose to keep rates the same , increase them or terminate the lease.  The beauty of this form is it forces the tenant to commit by a deadline chosen by the Landlord.

Good luck!

Susan Wilson, Broker/Prpperty Mgr
NewGen Properties,LLC


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