How to show consumers you’re a property management expert

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01/26/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

Texas REALTORS® University has a new way to tell consumers that you’re a property-management expert … in only four letters. Here’s how to earn the Texas Residential Property Manager (TRPM) certification:

1. Earn the Texas Residential Leasing Specialist (TRLS) certification.

2. Complete these three-hour courses:

  • TAR Residential and Leasing Property Management Agreement
  • Residential Evictions
  • Tenant and Owner Relations
  • Maintenance and Habitability of Residential Rentals
  • Statutory Act and Contingency Planning
  • Property Management Business Issues

To find classes in your area, visit the Find a course page on, select “Texas Residential Property Manager” in the Groups field, and choose your location.

3. Submit your completed TRPM certification application

Visit the Texas Residential Property Manager page to learn more about the requirements.

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Property Mentor on 02/04/2016

Very very informative and knowledge sharing post, people concerned with this must do something. Thanks for posting.

Zach on 01/14/2016

I think it would be nice to take these courses to become a certified leasing specialist. I think it is a job that is always going to be around so you will always find work somewhere. I know I have a few friends that took these course and now work as property managers. They really like their jobs and they love watching over the properties.

Grace Turner on 01/12/2016

These tips are great for helping property managers to show people they are property management professional! I like that you listed place we could go to get the credentials we need. I’m curious in this line of employment, so I’ll try to go to the sites that you listed. About how long does this all take?

Alex Lane on 12/11/2015

Thank you for the tips. My father has a few rental properties and has finally decided to hire a property manager. I don’t think either of us fully know what to expect from a good property managed. If they help with the things you list that would be tremendous. Are those standard services?

Jason Strong on 12/03/2015

A good friend of mine and his wife just become property managers at an apartment complex. They are pretty nervous about it since its their first time ever having a job like this, but they are excited to learn. I’ll have to show them this and see if it can help them out at all.

Jake White on 11/19/2015

I am considering working in real estate, and so I really liked this short, but sweet article.  I am still a college student, but upon graduation it looks like I will have to focus on getting my TRLS certification.  Thanks for sharing this with me, and for pointing me in the right direction!

Stephen Brown on 10/09/2015

I have tried getting a few jobs as a property manager without any luck.  I think it’d really help if I become fully certified.  Thanks so much for listing all of the courses I need to complete to become certified in Texas!

Jessica Taylor on 07/24/2015

This really gives us some ideas as to what training we would need to undergo for property management. I would like to get into the property management business. Learning about some of these classes and training really helps me understand a little bit clearer what would be expected of me as a property manager.

Fitz on 07/22/2015

Hello, and thank you very much for sharing these ideas on property management authority. There are many reasons why it’s important to take charge and show your ability to manage in this industry. I think property management is very important, and the work of each company speaks for themselves.

Deanna R. Jones on 07/20/2015

Thanks for the tips! It seems like there are a lot of landlords who own several different properties who need help managing them. Showing that you’ve completed the proper training to qualify you as a property manager seems like a great tip to get more clients. If a landlord can see that you have skills dealing with things that they have to deal with, like evictions, working with tenants, maintaining properties, and leasing their properties to new tenants, then it would be easy to find new business for your company.

Callie Marie on 07/10/2015

My husband and I are interested in getting involved with real estate, so some courses like these would probably really helpful. I didn’t know there was an option to become a certified residential property manager. Thanks for the information, we will be sure to check it out.

Yvon on 07/01/2015

Thanks for the info, I have always loved real estate.  I used to sell it, but I think I am done with that and I would like to change to a more stable management position.  I was wondering, is it law to get these classes?  I know the business pretty well but I don’t know if property managers need a licence or permit like a real estate agent does.

Ward Lowe on 04/29/2015

@Ted: Go to the Find a Course page at (, click on the Groups field, and select Texas Residential Property Manager.  That will return a list of when and where the courses are offered. You can then select individual courses to register.

Ted Smith on 04/29/2015

Thank you so much for the list of courses I should take in order to show consumers that I am a property management expert. I especially like the tenant and owner relations. In my opinion, the relationship you have with the owner is very important. You have to let them know that you care. Where can I take these courses?

Paige Smith on 04/10/2015

It is interesting to learn about the different training property managers have to do. I think that training to be good at your job involves consistent training. Learning how to be the best apartment manager is so important.

Geralynn Yost on 01/29/2015

I just do not see it on the list of courses. I had not set a date or location yet. Do I just follow up with SABOR to see if they might have a schedule yet? I am very interested in having TRLS included in my designations. Thank you.

Editorial Staff on 01/29/2015

@Geralynn: The courses are being scheduled now, with the first ones happening in late February and more being added every week. You may have success finding the courses if you expand your dates into the spring.

Geralynn Yost on 01/29/2015

Yes, I would like to get this designation as well but I could not find it on the list of courses. Please advise. I think this will help many of us that specialize in Property Management.

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