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How Texas REALTORS® are preparing to lead in 2017

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10/19/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

The Texas Association of REALTORS® hosted hundreds of Texas REALTOR® leaders and out-of-state and international guests October 12-13 in Austin during the 2017 TREPAC/Governmental Affairs Orientation. The event gave Texas REALTORS® an opportunity to reflect on an incredible 2016 and provided the tools to prepare for 2017. Here are a few highlights from the event.

TREPAC’s update
2016 TREPAC Chairman Myra Oliver announced that TREPAC raised more than $4.75 million from October 2015 to September 2016, with 55% of Texas REALTORS® participating. This is the highest annual amount ever raised by TREPAC.

Insight from the pros
Texas REALTORS® heard from several experts during Orientation:

  • 2017 Political Affairs Committee Chairman Matt Hilton moderated a panel about conducting successful visits with legislators, featuring Rep. Larry Gonzales (R-Round Rock), NAR Deputy Chief Lobbyist Jamie Gregory, Rep. Chris Paddie’s chief of staff John Buxie, and TAR Central Texas Field Representative Elizabeth Schneider. The panelists agreed that preparing ahead of time, sticking to relevant issues, and being respectful of time are among the best practices for a successful Capitol visit.
  • Political strategist Doug Sosnik offered his insight into the creation of today’s political climate. Sosnik commended Texas REALTORS® on their political involvement, thanks to grassroots-level engagement across the state.
  • Gary J. Reggish, 2016 REALTOR® Party Fundraising Liaison, discussed ways Texas REALTORS® can continue to advocate for the real estate industry.
  • Jeff Blaylock of Texas Election Source discussed voter turnout, straight-ticket voting, and down-ballot races with members of TAR Political Involvement Council. Blaylock explained that Texas is one of only nine states that allow straight-ticket voting and is the state that uses it most often.
  • A panel of representatives from the REALTORS® Political Action Committee—2016 RPAC Fundraising Liaisons Gary J. Reggish, of Michigan, and Kathleen Fowler, of Oklahoma; 2016 RPAC Fundraising Committee Vice Chairman Hagan Stone, of Tennessee; and RPAC Fundraising Managing Director Lauren Facemire—explained several RPAC resources available to Texas REALTORS® through NAR.

We have a winner
Orientation attendees voted for their favorite entry in the TREPAC Funnies Video Contest, and the grand prize went to the Fort Hood Area Association of REALTORS®. Log in at texasrealestate.com to see all of the entries. 

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