How TAR is fighting today to protect your industry

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04/08/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

What does the Texas Association of REALTORS® do on your behalf at the Texas Capitol?

Today, the association is working to preserve home equity lending protections that insulated Texas from much of the national foreclosure crisis. HJR 131, a bill filed in the Texas House of Representatives, would undermine those safeguards. TAR Political Affairs Committee Vice Chairman John Nichols will testify today against the bill during a public hearing before the House Investments and Financial Services Committee.  

This bill is one of 2,108 that TAR is currently tracking—but Texas REALTORS® know it takes more than just following bills to protect the real estate industry.

On April 14, more than 2,000 Texas REALTORS® will gather at the Capitol to meet with legislators to discuss issues affecting your industry during the 2015 Texas REALTOR® Hill Visits

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Dwayne Clark on 04/08/2015

I totally disagree with TAR’s position on this.  If you took out a home equity loan it is considered a home equity loan until you sell your house.  It is extremely difficult to refinance when interest rates decline, because many banks shy away from them.  This has NOTHING to do with with loan risk management by lending institutions.  Cash out type of loans existed in Texas at the time of the mortgage market crash.  Less foreclosures happened in Texas because we managed to have a strong economy while the rest of the country did not.  I’m tired of well meaning people trying to insert themselves in individual decision making. 

And like above, why don’t you go after title companies and make them compete on price instead of the state giving them a “set rate” for their services by the insurance commission.  How about getting Realtors a “set rate” for us too?

Shelley ward on 04/08/2015

If you really want to help Realtors, you will spend your time and money negotiating with the major insurance carriers for a better deal on policies for us.  Last year, the “insurance policy” and the website that you said was for members ( of NAR and TAR) was no different than the regular exchange anyone could get. Even the pricing was exactly the same.  And the pricing is still too expensive with large deductibles.

You have the opportunity to leverage the large number of members of NAR and TAR and negotiate better options, programs, and pricing with the major medical insurance carriers just like any other major employer. 

Historically, self employed people have always lost out on quality and affordable health insurance.  But we have an organization with 1 million people right?  How about you pool our collective clout and start bringing us better options for next year. 

The absolute worst thing about being a Realtor is the clear lack of benefits and the skyrocketing costs of health insurance.  If TAR and NAR actually did something about this, I would probably hear fewer complaints about what is being done with our dues.

Work on directly benefitting individual agents and you might see a shift in attitude towards TAR and NAR.

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