Does staging make a home sell for more?

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Home interior with white staircase, white fire place, and large plush rug

01/29/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

If you want to increase the price that buyers offer for your listing, staging the property might be the way to do it. According to NAR’s recently released 2015 Profile of Home Staging report, 32% of buyer agents surveyed said staging a home can increase the amount buyers are willing to offer by 1% to 5%. Sixteen percent said it could increase offer prices by 6% to 10%.

According to the report, the median dollar value to stage a home is $675, and 62% of seller agents offer the service to their sellers. If you want to give staging a shot, but do it on a budget, start with these five tips:

  1. Try a theme for each room, like a reading nook or movie theater.
  2. Remove personal items so buyers can picture themselves in the home.
  3. Rework items a homeowner already has rather than making new purchases. This could be as simple as rearranging the furniture to highlight a room’s feature, or using old frames to display new artwork.
  4. Paint the walls neutral colors.
  5. Get a third party to suggest changes if you’re concerned about a seller having a negative reaction to your ideas.

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Jack Mulligan on 08/05/2016

I had no idea that staging could help you get a better offer! I never did a great job staging my last house when we tried to sell it. I think if I sell again I’ll hire a realtor to help me stage it so I might get a better offer.

Karen Otto on 02/03/2015

Each home , home seller and buyer are unique and understanding the market in the area is key to also helping with preparing the home for sale for the most eyes possible.  A home stager can and should be a valuable tool for marketing property for sale especially as part of the team approach.  An affordable home staging consultation is a great bang for the buck.  I always say that staging is for the buyer not the seller and just like any other product for sale it must be priced and packaged accordingly. For what is likely most people’s largest single investment in their lives both when selling and buying, why wouldn’t anyone want to package their biggest asset for the most buyers to want?  Thank you for sharing the results of the NAR report.

Gemma Hobbs on 01/29/2015

As a licensed home stager and Realtor I can verify that home staging pays.  But home staging is a lot more than creating a theme for a room.  A professional home stager features the best qualities and highlights the focus of a room. I have been staging homes for two years and I am still learning the science and art of getting each room “right”. A staged home has a special feel, both welcoming and organized, and leaves the buyer with the thought that “I could definitely see myself living here”.  Aromas, colors, furniture arrangement and lighting all come into play.  I recommend working with a professional stager to get the best results. Consultations are around $200 and will pay for themselves ten times over.

Al Flores on 01/29/2015

Remember it’s OK to utilize the garage to store bulky furniture or other ‘boxed’ items, but do not create a mountain that obstructs view.
Do not try to get too creative, unless you have an eye for staging. Making a very small room a media center does not add to the effect. Go for the open spaces and inviting comfortable look.

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