Dial 9 for an outside line? You may have to make a change

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06/17/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

A new Texas law requires businesses to have direct 911 dialing from their multiline phones. That means your brokerage’s phone system must allow you to dial 911 without needing to first dial a number for an outside line. Brokerages can contact their phone provider to implement the changes needed to comply with this requirement. Businesses are required to comply with new rules from the Commission on State Emergency Communications to implement the new law, known as Kari’s Law, by September 1.

If a business’s phone system can’t be reprogrammed or replaced without incurring unreasonable costs and a good faith attempt has been made to that effect, a one-year waiver can be requested at texas911.org/karislaw. Waiver requests must be submitted before September 1.

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Sharon on 08/16/2016

@Tyrone: REALLY????? Obviously if you don’t have an office with a multi-line phone system and you just have a cell phone, this law wouldn’t apply to you!! It became law so people can dial 911 WITHOUT having to dial “9” to get an outside line.  Can you dial 911 from your cell phone without having to dial “9” for an outside line first….the rest of us sure can, so I’m sure you can too.

Larry on 08/03/2016

These comments are exactly why this law was created. People appear to be so worried about being inconvenienced that they do not want to do the right thing.

This isn’t the result of needless legislation, but the result of a 2013 murder that occurred while the victims daughter tried to dial 911 four separate times without success. The calls failed all because of a hotel requiring you to dial a 9 to obtain an outside line. The nine year old child did not know this.

I work in corporate telcom and can confirm that there is no cost related to enabling what the legislation requires. It is simply a programming change to the call routing of your PBX. A lot of providers/integrators will actually help you with this at no cost if you don’t have telcom staff.

Tyrone on 07/15/2016

It’s time to kick the bums out. Politicians keep using government power to make more jobs for them, at our expense and peril.  So what if you don’t have an office phone; Cell phone only? Who asked for this?

Richrd Weeks on 06/24/2016

God bless Texas

Mike Copenhaver on 06/23/2016

Reminds me of a hotel stay long before the Internet.  I will never stay in room 1411 again.

Debbie Russell on 06/18/2016

Agreed!  It makes you wonder, who really is behind many of these special interest groups?  The ways to die are as numerous as the stars in heaven.  We can’t regulate ways to die….

Alexa Mar on 06/18/2016

I remember an incident at a hotel where the mother had a medical situation and the small child knew to how to call 911; but, didn’t know that she needed to get an outside line first.

Jeff Dodson on 06/17/2016

And the US government continues to raise everyone’s cost of doing business! Let businesses offer this in their office optionally, some will, then if this is important to you as an employee or sub contractor (Realtor), find a business that has that feature in their office. The US government is already too much in our business!

Debbie Russell on 06/17/2016

More Government Regulation!  Someone must have not been able to get an outside line to call 911.  It’s always something - I am sure that in the end it’s a good thing but still….. I am curious to see what crime this is related to.  A mass shooting?

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