Can you name these interior home features?

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Living room interior with vaulted ceilings, wooden ceiling beams, fireplace, and beige couches and chairs and dark wooden coffee table

09/28/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

A keen knowledge of home design and a vocabulary to match are invaluable tools when showing homes. Test your expertise by taking our interactive quiz of home interior features.

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Cyndia Moore on 10/07/2016

While the interior molding around the top of the ceiling could “technically” be called a CORNICE, it is really not the correct term.  It is CROWN MOLDING.  A cornice in interior decorator and architectural circles would be a particular decorative trim piece about a window, or an exterior molding trim piece.

Frances Venable on 10/05/2016

Good quiz, would like to see more of these types of quizzes.  I missed one, newel - now I know & if it comes up, will know what to call it.  IMO, it’s important to know the correct terms of exterior or interior features of a bldg. / residence; it tells others you know your business.  Same applies if you were selling cars, clothing, appliances, furniture, etc.

Ruben Garza on 10/04/2016

I’ve been in real estate 10 years.  I have yet to be questioned by a buyer or seller on any of these features.  The house sells itself, depending on the buyer’s criteria, or it doesn’t.  However, it is always just great to be in the know.  Thanks.

Maria Back on 10/02/2016

This the the first quiz I took. Thanks for the education. Can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with our office. Keep them coming!

Robert Evans on 10/01/2016

I think TAR got one wrong. Question five is crown molding. A cornice is on the outside of a building.

shelley on 10/01/2016

Missed one.  I have been doing this for 30 years. Never have I heard of a Newel!  Thanks for the education!

Lisa on 09/30/2016 if I could only afford to have these design elements in my house

Dianne Cartwright on 09/30/2016

Love these quizzes, they keep you sharp. Sometimes you only think you have the right terminology!  This is a great learning, sharpening tool!

Lilly Hughes on 09/29/2016

I like these quizzes. I did one which I only missed one; not so good on this one. I think it’s important to know this type of terminology.

C hoover on 09/29/2016


Jewel Lynch on 09/29/2016

Just want to see how many I got right

Lori Rea on 09/29/2016

Interesting questions.

Dan Steakley on 09/29/2016

Thank you, TAR, for all your efforts to make our industry agents well versed and knowledgeable about the products we are buying and selling.
Best Regards,

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