Can you name these common home features?

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A green arts and crafts style home with a brick fire place, large front porch, and lush green lawn

08/31/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

Can you tell the difference between a fascia and a facade? How about a jamb and joist? Knowing these terms allows you to better serve your clients when it comes to items like reviewing home inspection reports or walking a potential buyer through a property. Check your knowledge of common home features with our interactive quiz, then brush up on the ones you missed before your next showing.

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Flor E. Gonzalez on 09/04/2016

Thank You! Great information,  fantastic training tool. Keep it coming.

Tom Allen on 09/02/2016

What a great idea!  This definitely swept away some cobwebs for me.  Thanks!

Theresa Akin on 09/01/2016

Hesitated and didn’t go with my gut.

Jill D'Aoust on 09/01/2016

Information that is useful!  I like it!  More factual information about architecture and style will always be welcome!

Jonathan Chandler on 09/01/2016

Awesome idea! Definitely something that can help Realtors, regardless of experience, just to stay knowledgeable of the product they’re selling. Like @Rick said, quizzes for every facet of the real estate industry would be a beneficial tool for all Realtors. Thanks!

Ward Lowe on 09/01/2016

@Rick: Thanks. Yes, the Focus newsletter that linked to this quiz is sent to all active members of TAR.

Rick DeVoss on 09/01/2016

@Ward —-  Well done on this Quiz.
We could use more of these, and not just on factual topics.  Let’s add a quiz on contracts, ethics, and communications with other Agents.
Question:  does this email go out to ALL licensed Realtors?
...I hope so…

Rashonda Smith on 09/01/2016

Great information!!!! It would be helpful if Realtors could access more quizzes like this. Very helpful and fun!!! Thanks!!!

Allanah on 09/01/2016

Good information to know

Thomas on 08/31/2016


Ward Lowe on 08/31/2016

@Gerald: Glad you liked our quiz. We will be doing more in the future, so stay tuned.

Gerald Waldon on 08/31/2016

The quiz was a lot of fun and I would enjoy more. Great tool for my younger realtors to learn and have fun and perhaps sell more properties! Thanks

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