Brokers, you’re about to save hundreds on your license renewal

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06/12/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

The 84th Texas Legislature resulted in several resounding successes for Texas REALTORS®, including a bill that will save real estate brokers $150 every year. 

Starting September 1, 2015, you will no longer see the $300 occupations fee on either the Texas Real Estate Commission’s application for an individual broker’s license or on TREC’s application to renew your broker’s license. 

Gov. Abbott signed the bill (HB 7) into law on June 15, 2015. 

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Denise Badgley on 06/23/2015

I, also, just renewed.  That’s ok…. Something to look forward to.  Thank you TAR!!!

Mel Harris on 06/22/2015

More great work from the REALTORS® and TAR Staff!

Deborah Smith on 06/21/2015

Believe me I feel your pain, but to make you feel a little better, as an Appraiser I pay $2200 to the County Brokers Assoc. just because I need MLS/Supra. I typically don’t even have a need for Supra and will be turning it in at the end of this month.  Then I have to pay $1,600 in Appr. fees/CE/ E& O Insur. It can be difficult enough for both professions to pay expenses and these fees without having to pay for something you don’t need or want.  Just a thought. Congrates on this victory!!!!

Doug Hamilton on 06/20/2015

Wow ! Nothing need be said except ...THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU.!!
And CONGRATULATIONS to Mark and Daniel and each member of the Governmental Staff for an exceptionally great year !!

Fernando Quintana on 06/19/2015

Now, it is time for TAR to represent us on filing a lawsuit against TREC, in order for all of us to get reimbursement of the fee we have paid in past years.  My understanding is that for a while, we have been paying this fee and corporate franchise taxes.  That is double charge.  A recent e-mail form TAR stated that the fee was in lieu of franchise taxes.  TAR failed to persuade the lawmakers to make the law effective immediately.  My license is due for renewal this July.  Guess what, I have to pay the fee one more time.  A broker, with license due for renewal this September, doesn’t have to incur on the expense I have to incur next month.  I hope TAR takes action.

Susanna Boyer on 06/18/2015

The article has been updated to include the date it goes into effect - September 1, 2015. So those that have paid it already, we will start seeing this reduction in our next renewal.

Susanna Boyer on 06/18/2015

This is great. Seeing my TREPAC investment working even more for my business.
It is through these investments that our legislative team at TAR and our representatives fight for us and private property rights.
Do we know exactly when this will take effect?
Thank you Governor Abbott and all the legislators votes that made this possible.

Virgil Eaves, Broker on 06/18/2015

Thank you TAR for doing your job!

Socar Chatmon-Thomas on 06/18/2015

Will we receive a credit or a refund if we JUST paid the $300 fee to renew our licenses for the next 2 years?

Roseann Johnson on 06/18/2015

Thank Gov Abbott for thinking realtors pay too much.  Since i became a broker in 2005 I’ve cringed every time I renewed. This will help. Fees have gone up sooo much in this business.

Maria T Ford on 06/18/2015

Can the Realtors get in on on the good news. I think all of our fees are high.

gspeck on 06/18/2015

Look folks,  This is a sign that TAR is effectively working for us Greg Abbot is working in our state government to get our state household in order as he promised in his election campaign.  Realtors are not an expense to the government.  We promote the State of Texas commerce.  Instead of lamenting about past actions you have completed; GIVE PRAISES UNTO GOD FOR THE BLESSING. Thank God that the fees will be lower.  Since Realtors are careful to have extreme integrity, we are more of an asset and less of a liability.  Lower fees is a BLESSING.  More available for TREPAC.

Mary Jane McDuffie on 06/18/2015

Thank you TAR and Gov. Abbott. Great news ! reduction in our fees and saving homeowners more taxes.

Patrick Kernan on 06/18/2015

Very nice!  Great to see some legislators looking out for constituents rather than the bureaucracy.  My wife and I are brokers…and this change will allow us to keep $3,000 of our hard earned money over our next 5 license renewal cycles.

Liz Segrest on 06/18/2015

Great job!  Thank you!

Marilyn on 06/18/2015

TREPAC works!  Keep investing!!

Cynthia Munoz on 06/18/2015

Greatnews!  To bad my renewal is 7/31 to take advantage of the break

Patti Glenn on 06/18/2015

I just renewed, but my license was not due to expire until 8/31/15 - will I be getting a refund -

Roxie Davidson on 06/18/2015

Thanks to all who made this reduced fee possible. Remember to donate to causes and campaigns of individuals that help make this and other issues a positive for Texas REALTORS

Eric Recktenwald on 06/18/2015

Good Start - We pay far too many taxes to a swelling government.  People get “used to” paying and accepting the idea that taxes are just a given, they will always go up and there is nothing you can do about it…. WELL there is something that can be done… CUT TAXES.  W.T.G. TAR and Governor Abbott!

Javaid Karim on 06/18/2015

Great job T.A.R. Much obliged!

Lillianne on 06/18/2015


Walter White on 06/18/2015

Just curious:  What services will be cut?  That’s a big hit to the revenue side!

Genny Brown on 06/18/2015

Thank you Governor Abbott ando TREPAC. I just renewed my license. I don’t expect a refund. I appreciate the future fee.

Yvonne Smith on 06/18/2015


Raza Ali on 06/18/2015

Thank you his is awesome news!

Plz work toward reducing the BROKER renewal fees further for Corporate Broker renewal also.

Paula W. Lagadinos on 06/18/2015

thanks God !!!!!!! And to all the ones that work very hard to make this possible.

Jacy Pitt on 06/18/2015

A big huge THANK YOU!!!!

Robert H. Henderson on 06/18/2015

I am confused., when the legislature passed the bill originally they promised that it was a temporary fee. surely they did not lie…not our fine elected reps!

Lillie Painia on 06/18/2015


Jan Hayes Keenan on 06/18/2015

Absolutely fantastic news and just in time for my renewal. This fee has personally cost me $6,600 since 1991.  Many thanks to all responsible!

Stephen Williams on 06/18/2015

I agree with the idea that as a gesture of appreciation, we should all send the $300 first year savings to TREPAC as thanks for their work on this and other projects.

Eddye Walker on 06/18/2015

My license renewal is due July 31. Will I see the refund for this renewal period

Mike Rozell on 06/18/2015

GREAT NEWS!!!  GREAT JOB!!!  Thanks for all you do.

Joe Acosta on 06/18/2015

Great job!!! T.A.R. Its always nice to get some good new…

Ann Teague on 06/18/2015

Thank you,  Governor Abbott!!  Thank you TAR and everyone else who was involved for all of your efforts in initiating this saving for brokers!!  It’s especially meaningful to those of us who are sole proprietors… .

Lynsei Davis on 06/18/2015

Awesome.  Mine is due July 31.  Slight chance, but, I hope we will see changes earlier.

Lilly Hughes on 06/18/2015

This is great news, TAR. Thanks!

Greg Lacy on 06/18/2015

This is fantastic news.  It’s about time that the tide has reversed.  There has been a movement to make it more difficult and costly to be a real estate professional for several years.  This new law promotes more entrepreneurship and helps subdue the punishment of real estate people which was intended to fill the coffers of the state.  I welcome more responsible use of the state money, and less taxation.  This demonstrates the positive effects of TREPAC.

Jan Kish on 06/18/2015

Hooray!!! Thanks to TAR…. Great Job for your members.

Randy Wright on 06/18/2015

So, what to do if your broker’s license expires 8/31/15?

Susie Costigan on 06/18/2015

I just paid my renewal 2 days ago for a July 31st expiration.  Will the $150.00 be refunded to me?

Kathleen Johnson on 06/18/2015

I too just renewed early( not due till Aug2015)
It would be very nice to have the notice earlier and have my credit card refunded ....

TxBroker on 06/17/2015

This is fantastic news. Thank you TAR for spearheading this effort. Through the many years I have been a Texas broker and member of TAR, I know the strength of the association is key to getting these types of bills through the legislature.

I know I will be share these savings with an increase in my PAC investment.

Itell on 06/15/2015

I wish they would roll it back.  I just renewed, and guessing by the time it’s time to renew again it will have changed back.  Can’t imagine any governing agency giving up any revenue.  Time will tell but I’m guessing they will find a way to get this money back and more.  Just look at the Internal Revenue Service.  It originally was approved only to fund the war.

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