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Boost your personal brand with better presentations

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10/26/2015 | Author: George Torok, guest expert

Your personal brand is not a logo, color, or tagline. It's the combination of all that you do, say, and—especially—what others think about you. Giving presentations is an easy way to boost your image in people's eyes, because they equate public speaking with leadership.

However, merely getting the opportunity to present before a group or potential clients doesn’t guarantee success. You need people to pay attention to what you’re saying. Here are nine tips to get your audience to listen, believe, and remember your key points.  

Make an announcement
Tell them that what you’re about to say is important, then give the important stuff. Teachers do this by saying, “This will be on the exam.” You could say, “Here’s the important thing to remember about my services to you.”

Wait a beat
Pause just before and after you say the important stuff. Notice the effect this has at an awards ceremony when someone says, “And the winner is ... .”

Lower your voice
Right before you say key points, lower your voice. This technique will make listeners perceive your words to be more believable. Practice: “And in conclusion,” (lower your voice), “I’m the REALTOR® who should list your home.”

Switch gears
Make them laugh, get serious, and deliver the important message. When we laugh, we open our minds and are more willing to accept new information.

Go in motion
Move before you give your key message, and stand still while delivering the important stuff. This is especially effective if you normally pace or move a lot when you speak.

Don’t read it
Look your listeners in the eye. Don’t tell them the most important aspect of your client service while staring at your laptop. If you have to read it, it looks like you don’t really believe it.

We believe people who smile at us. We also prefer to listen to speakers who smile at us. We listen with our eyes and our ears.

Repeat, repeat, repeat
Express your important message three times during your presentation. If you want it remembered, you have to repeat it.

Use visuals
It doesn’t matter if you have an elaborate, four-color chart that illustrates your point about listing statistics or a simple photograph that shows what you mean by staging a seller’s home. Reinforce your message with images. People retain images better than words.

George Torok is the co-author of the bestselling Secrets of Power Marketing, the first Canadian guide to personal marketing for the nonmarketer. Get your free copy of the e-book 50 Power Marketing Ideas at powermarketing.ca. Torok delivers keynote speeches and training programs. Contact him at 905-335-1997.

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