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Are you giving clients correct information about credit reports?

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05/27/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

One of the best pieces of advice you probably share with clients and prospects is to monitor their credit reports … but are you giving them accurate information? See if you can answer these questions about finding and interpreting info from credit-reporting agencies.

1. True or false? Information about your checking and savings accounts is included on your credit report.

2. Which of the following appears on a credit report?
            a. Identifying information (name, address, Social Security number)
            b. Credit inquiries from the last two years
            c. Bankruptcies, liens, and judgments
            d. Payment history
            e. All of the above

3. True or false? A credit report doesn’t include the consumer’s credit score.

4. How often can a consumer order a free copy of his or her credit report?
            a. Once every two years from each of the three reporting agencies
            b. Once a year from each of the three reporting agencies
            c. Once a year from one of the reporting agencies
            d. Only lenders can request a copy of a consumer’s credit report.

5. True or false? If a consumer orders a credit report for himself, it will negatively affect his or her credit score.


1. False.
2. e. This and other information appears on a consumer’s credit report, although each credit-reporting agency displays this information in a different way.
3. True. A free credit report doesn’t include a credit score, but a consumer can purchase a score from the credit-reporting agencies and scoring companies.
4. b. Consumers can order a free credit report from each of the three reporting companies once every 12 months at annualcreditreport.com.
5. False.

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