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01/27/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

You can make a difference in the March 1 primary by voting for candidates proven to support private-property rights and your industry. Go to for a customized list of TAR-supported candidates on your ballot.

These men and women have been interviewed by your local REALTOR® association and understand the issues important to keeping a strong real estate industry. 

Go to to see the TAR-supported candidates on your ballot.

If you're not registered to vote, you have until February 1 to fill out this form and mail it to your county election supervisor. Early voting runs from February 16-26, and the election is March 1.

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John Harrell on 01/28/2016

I disagree with the statement made by Judy McKee. Mark Lehman is a dedicated professional who fights for property owners in Texas. Two major accomplishments that Mark spearheaded last session:

1). A constitutional amendment which assures the property owners in Texas that we will never have a transfer tax.  A transfer tax would cause a slowdown in the real estate business of major proportions.

2). Lehman was able to raise the Homestead Exemption to $25,000, thereby putting more money in working families pockets.

Mark encourages voting for legislators who are pro-consumer, pro-business and pro-Texas. What’s wrong with that?

Kaki Lybbert on 01/28/2016

Of all the department at TAR The Government Affairs decisions are probably the most member driven of all the recommendations that come from any of the departments. Boards from across the state do detailed candidate interviews and spend many member volunteer hours in deciding who to recommend for support and our TREPAC dollars.  The recommendations are sent back to the TREPAC Trustees for State level decisions and the final vote is from them, NOT staff. Local level political races are entirely decided at the local board level,  Staff does keep track of voting records and makes sure that the interests of the Texas Realtors and private property owners in Texas are always considered in any decision made in Austin.  I appreciate having a voter guide , I know the decisions of who is recommended is put together by concerned Realtors looking out for our industry. 

The idea to move forward with the constitutional ban on Transfer Taxes came out of the taxation subcommittee.  Staff helped us move it forward and with the help of NAR we were got it done.  A great event for all owners of property in the state of Texas.

All of the departments are TAR do a great job and we should be thrilled with incredible staff we get to work with.

Judy McKee on 01/27/2016

All of TAR’s departments are member driven except the Government Affairs Department and Mark Lehman….... Trying to tell us how to vote and what we should vote for is not my idea of service to the members. Priorities at TAR would help if you would consider the other service you provide to the Members.  Board Services and Professional Development are much more important to us as Members. Professional Standards and its services to both the members and the public are more important than Government Affairs. It is an ego, step building to leadership at TAR and self serving to the Government Affairs Department and the members.  To much focus is given in this arena by TAR and the leadership. Please do not tell me who to vote for.

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