7 rules for using the term REALTOR® in your ads

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01/23/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

Are there any guidelines for how I can use the term REALTOR® in my ads?

Yes. If you’re a member of NAR, you can use the term REALTOR® in your ads as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • Only use the term in connection with your real estate business.
  • Use the term REALTOR® to identify yourself as a member of NAR.
  • Use the term REALTOR® in connection with your name or firm name, but don’t use it as part of your name or firm name. For example, The Smith Group, REALTORS® is acceptable.
  • The term should always appear in capital letters and should be followed by the federal registration symbol.
  • Use punctuation to separate your name or firm name from the term REALTOR®.
  • Do not hyphenate, abbreviate, or expand the term REALTOR®.
  • Do not use descriptive words to modify the term REALTOR®. For example, John Doe, Professional REALTOR® or Jones Real Estate, #1 REALTORS® are not acceptable.

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David Davis on 02/04/2015

@Alex, Yes, again read the caption of the blog.  Always means ALWAYS.  An advertisement is considered anything that a person (other than another REALTOR®) can see, hear, or receive with your contact information on it.  This would include business (sometimes called a calling card) card(s), flyers, reports, or any printed media intended to display a property, or you/your services, including your contact information.  Remember, you do not have to use the word REALTOR®, but if you do, it must be used properly, ALWAYS!

Alex on 02/03/2015

Does the word Realtor have to be capitalized with federal registration symbol if I use it on my business card?

David Davis on 02/01/2015

@Robert & Linda, As you have it, NO!  Read the caption of the blog.

@Bobbie, Realtor.com is a syndicated website.  Contact them directly for advertising information.  They can be reached at 800-835-1664.

Robert Cockrell on 01/30/2015

I would like to see an answer to Linda’s question.

Bobbie Vecchio on 01/29/2015

I am a member of NAR.  How do I get my name in Realtor.com?
Thanks for your help.

Linda Bridges on 01/29/2015

Can you put “your personal realtor” on your business card?

Alexandra Fincher on 01/23/2015

Thank you for this update.  I think sometimes we get carried away on our advertising for reasons of competition.  We forget the ethics of the business.

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