6 ways to host impressive open houses

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03/09/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

Even though the odds of selling a property through an open house can be low, these events show sellers you’re actively marketing their property. They also provide opportunities to introduce yourself to buyers who may be starting to look. In fact, 90% of Texas buyers say open houses were very useful or somewhat useful during their homebuying process, according to the 2015 Profile of Texas Homebuyers and Sellers. Here are a few ways to make yours memorable.

Prepare your sellers
Have the homeowners give the house a thorough cleaning, remove clutter, and air out any lingering odors. And inform your sellers ahead of time that they—and their pets—should be out of the house during the event.

Generate buzz
Find out when other agents typically host open houses in the area and advertise yours a few hours earlier or later so buyers don’t rush through to make it somewhere else. Promote the event on your website and social media channels ahead of time.

Make it easy to find
Put out directional signage from a main road that helps buyers find the house. Complicated directions may mean the property isn’t the best candidate for an open house. Just be sure to comply with any local sign ordinances.

Invite the neighbors
You’re going to attract people who just want to compare the property to theirs—why not embrace them? Introduce yourself to neighbors to warn them about increased traffic and personally invite them to attend.

Take advantage of tech
Use a streaming-video app to share a video tour of the property as a sneak preview on your social media channels before guests arrive. Instead of having guests sign in on paper, use an open-house app like Open Home Pro to collect their contact info and follow up afterward. And broadcast your logo, your website, or listing photos on the TV screens throughout the home.

After the fact
Write an open-house report for the owners with information about how many people attended, positive and negative comments you heard, and your overall feedback. Use these comments to encourage the owners to make minor improvements or highlight the home’s strengths in future marketing.

How do you make your open houses memorable? Share your favorite tips in the comments below. 

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Shannon Ensor on 03/28/2016

I’m surprised by the 3% figure given in another comment. I’ve held many open houses where a buyer didn’t consider the home from their search online, but they loved it in person (perhaps it had less square footage they were searching online, yet the home flowed just right for them—or it was in a neighborhood they hadn’t considered yet, but fell in love with once they came to the open house). Agents sell themselves short if they are only looking to score ONE contract on that ONE home they’re holding open. Open houses, when done right (resisting the urge to plug my book on open houses here…), give agents new opportunities for leads, database growth and leverage into an area they are farming (AKA neighborhood dominance).

Dorothea R Brice on 03/13/2016

I agree with Randy.  This is a great opportunity to get your name out there in the neighborhood and let buyers and sellers know that you know how to draw a crowd.  I always advertise and offer refreshments from water to wine and noshes.

Randy Dicken on 03/11/2016

Yes, you have a point that the percentage is indeed low on getting a buyer for your listing when doin an open house. However, in my view, that is TRANSACTIONAL THINKING. (You do a task and you get paid for it.) Thinking that way about an open house will lead to frustration and not wanting to do open houses at all. Remember we are not hourly employees. We are business owners. Here is another way to see it.

Your seller is offering their home as a venue, a meeting place, for a come and go party. You can invite your best clients over to see YOU and have some refreshments! You already know they don’t necessarily want to buy a house. But getting face time with them will insure they come to when they are ready to buy or sell one. Stop trying to sell a house and work on enhancing relationships. This is RELATIONAL THINKING.

Further,  if you market to the subdivision, they will come visit. You in turn will get leads for future business relationships. They will provide you with information about themselves and their needs. You then have the ability to help and communicate regularly with the other families in the neighborhood. Again they will let you know when they’re ready to buy or sell.

Labby on 03/10/2016

It has been documented and quantified that Open Houses contribute to less than 3% of Pre Existing home sales nationally.  What is your point here?  Generate Leads and Branding? Could you think of a more efficient and productive use of an Agents time.

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