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5 ways to know you’re ready for a mentor

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02/09/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

A mentor can be a great resource, but before you ask someone for help, make sure you're prepared for the time and energy investment. 

Here's what Inc.com recommends in "5 things to look for in your next incredible mentor": 

  • Don't just expect praise. Work with a mentor because you want to improve your business, not because you want a cheerleader.
  • Prepare for honest feedback. Find someone who will provide constructive criticism you can take. 
  • Expect frequent communication. Your mentor should be someone who can provide feedback regularly, not just during an annual review.
  • Foster the relationship. Make sure it continues to be a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  • Choose your mentor wisely. If there isn't someone currently in your life who fits this role, tap into your extended network to find successful entrepreneurs and small-business owners. 

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