5 ways to help military clients and veterans become homeowners

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11/11/2014 | Author: Editorial Staff

Texas is home to several military bases and one of the largest populations of veterans in the country. Here are a few resources you can use to help these consumers reach their real estate goals.  

  • Register now for the Nov. 17 free, one-hour webinar about helping homeowners. You’ll learn about programs just for Texas veterans as part of this session. 
  • Earn the Texas Affordable Housing Specialist (TAHS) certification via video broadcast on Nov. 18-19. One of the four required courses, “United Texas: Housing Initiatives that Work,” will cover programs that Texas veterans can use along with their federal VA benefits, such as loans with below-market interest rates. To find a location near you, visit the Find a Course page on texasrealestate.com, and select “TAHS Certification courses” from the Groups field.
  • Earn the Military Relocation Professional (MRP) certification from the National Association of REALTORS®. You’ll learn how to communicate with military clients, how a lender determines who's eligible for a VA loan, and how to help service members overcome potential homebuying challenges. The course is offered online and at locations near you.
  • Increase your lending expertise for military clients by watching the free, one-hour webinar “Understanding VA and FHA financing for your clients.”
  • Help military homebuyers search for local, state, and federal programs, and have them visit the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation website to see if they qualify for the Homes for Texas Heroes Program or the Affordable Communities of Texas-Veterans Housing Initiative. 

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Ward Lowe on 11/23/2016

Dave and Rick: The “TAHS certification” group will display when such a course is scheduled. Currently, none are. If you’re interested in earning that certification, you can do two things: Check that page periodically—new courses are always being added. And contact your local association to ask them to offer the course. You can also contact the Professional Development Dept at TAR (512-480-8200) for help.

Rick DeVoss on 11/22/2016

Hey, Matt, ...I think you are right.  I owe Mary Jane an apology, as I did not mean my remark to sound so rude.  ~I do think it is important that anyone who writes on these TAR blogs puts their full name on the entry.  But maybe Mary Jane is onto something, and they should require all Realtors to enter their license number as well.

Maybe someone can update us on the courses and certifications that Dave is inquiring about.

Dave Kapur on 11/22/2016

I could not find any group under courses that refers to “TAHS Certification courses”.  Am I looking it wrong or are these courses no longer provided?  If it’s the latter, then may be we need to update the webpages.

Matt Armstrong on 11/13/2014

Little bit strong - last time I heard “Who cares” - four guys died in Libya… To Rick’s point, the webinar should provide very useful information whether MCE credit is given or not. Hopefully, Mary will find that one nugget of information that will protect her license and reputation, her broker (if appropriate), and/or make her more money. I always learn something from each RE class that I attend or teach and we try to encourage our agents to further their education. Good luck! TXRE#610270 TXAUC#17082

Rick DeVoss on 11/13/2014

Who cares, Mary?  The guy with the other license number is probably dead by now.  (I can say that because my license number starts with a “02” just like yours does.)  P.S.  You are supposed to include the zero in front of the 2.

If you need this information, you should take the training,  We, as agents, are all tasked to know what we are dealing with on a Real Estate transaction.  We should be going to many more classes and seminars than what the minimum MCE requirements are. ...The “minimum” is simply that; it is the minimum.  There is a lot more that we need to know about than what it taught in the minimum number of hours every two years.

Take a look at some of the other topics in this issue of the TAR bulletin.

Mary Jane Beisert, TREC#205592 on 11/13/2014

Sorry, please note TREC# is 205592,
Not 205593!

Mary Jane Beisert, TREC#205593 on 11/13/2014

Do these Courses give MCE Credit?

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