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5 ways RPR helps you impress buyers

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12/28/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

Are you taking advantage of the REALTORS® Property Resource? Included in your REALTOR® dues, this comprehensive database of information on every parcel of land in the U.S. gives you accurate data, powerful analytics, and dynamic reports. RPR positions you with the most complete, credible real estate information available anywhere. Here are five ways you can use this tool to help your buyers.

1. Data wherever and whenever you need it
Has this ever happened to you? You’re with buyers, and they spot a property, perhaps a FSBO you hadn’t planned to show that day. As you drive by, they ask you for information on the property, since you’ve been so helpful and knowledgeable thus far. Whether from your computer, mobile phone, iPad, or other device, RPR gives you access to hundreds of datasets on over 160 million properties, day or night, from wherever you are.

2. Instant reports
Once your buyers narrow down the properties they are most interested in, RPR helps you impress your clients with a detailed report at the press of a button. Search for the property by address, and click on the Reports tab. Choose the report you’d like to see, and in a few minutes it will be emailed to you and your clients. You can also showcase your local market expertise by adjusting different areas of the property before sending the report.

3. Neighborhood information
Whether moving down the street, across town, or across the country, REALTORS® Property Resource has just the right amount of neighborhood information your buyers are looking for. School information, demographics, the average temperature—RPR provides your clients with everything they need to know about where their dream house is located.

4. Property Investment Tool
Some buyers are looking for their dream home, while others are looking to invest. RPR’s Property Investment Tool allows you to give investors an idea of the return on their investment with preconfigured scenarios based on assumptions for the subject property. Of course, like the rest of RPR, you can use your expertise and information from your clients to customize the assumptions to create a custom analysis

5. RPR Commercial
It’s not just for commercial buyers. Did you know that RPR Commercial has demographic, psychographic, spending, tapestry data, and more? Imagine that your clients are relocating. They are young and want to live in an area with a lot of nightlife, good restaurants, and a younger crowd. With RPR Commercial, you can get the “who” of the lifestyle demography with the “where” of the local neighborhood to create a model of various lifestyle classifications. After logging in to RPR, click on the RPR Commercial link at the top of the screen and you’ll be on your way.

All these tools are available to you at no additional cost. Visit texasrealestate.com/rpr to get started now.

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