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3 ways to deal with feuding clients

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02/23/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

Sometimes working with couples can present challenges that extend beyond your transaction. You may find that clients put you in the middle of their personal disputes. Here are a few ways manage this tricky situation.

Maintain a neutral stance and be understanding
Your clients may nudge you to take a side in their disagreements, but it’s not a good move to take one—even if you do agree with someone. You may be able to diffuse a fight by validating your clients’ feelings. Say something like, “I can see why you’ve hit a roadblock here. Real estate transactions can add a lot of stress to your lives. It’s normal to feel frustrated.”

Change the subject
When a fight begins to brew between your clients, try to switch their focus to a less divisive topic. You could say, “Let’s revisit this discussion after I tell you a little bit about ... ” and talk about the neighborhood amenities for the next showing, the feedback you’ve gotten from buyer’s agents about their listing, and so forth.

Be willing to walk away
If kind words and understanding aren’t enough, don’t be afraid to tell your clients you’re ending the meeting. For example, if their fight shows no signs of stopping, tell them you need to go to the office to handle another matter and that you’ll check in with them later.

How do you deal with feuding clients? Comment and share your strategies.

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