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10/16/2014 | Author: Editorial Staff

An update to the Seller’s Disclosure Notice (TAR 1406) in zipForm now requires an agent to enter the property address. Previously, the client, who can fill out the rest of the form, was required to enter the property address.

Clients can now fill out a new version of the Owner’s Notice Concerning Condition of Property Under Property Management Agreement form. The client version is 2206A, but you can continue using 2206 if you wish to fill out this form yourself.

The New Home Contract (Completed Construction) (TAR 1604, TREC 24-13) was also updated in zipForm. After TREC updated this form to say parties must mediate in the event of a dispute, the original change in zipForm included an error that said the parties “will not” mediate. It’s now corrected to say the parties will mediate.

Remember, templates you created aren’t automatically changed. After any zipForm update, you must manually update your customized templates whether you are using zipForm Plus or the desktop version of zipForm.

All updates are current in zipForm. Contact zipForm at 800-383-9805 for help with your zipForm member benefit.

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Deb Mundell on 10/28/2014

2 changes needed on residential contract as well as others:
Legal description has lot and block but also needs place for section. Used all the time in our city. And if you have a very long description why not have a field that you check that says “see special provisions for legal description” because nine of the fields are long enough to right in such a comment
On page 8 where you check additional amendments and forms, the “other” needs to have much longer space to fill in. Especially on new construction contracts.

J K Toler on 10/25/2014

the new address space on buyer and seller is not working
      enough space for long addresses
also, lot and block other legal information spaces are often
not big enough if you deal with rural abstracts or multiple lots

Shafiq Younes on 10/23/2014

Zip form plus is outstanding, also e-sign is great way to go paperless.
Also some forms was updated & changed is very important to accommodate the technology the changes around us in all aspects, beside change is the most important & healthy way to move ahead:)

Judy Doyle on 10/22/2014

I understand changing times, but my questions is, why don’t we have competent seasoned people on the board who decides what should or should not be on the forms.
Why can’t you get it right and stop changing?
Pretty soon we will need a law degree to figure out what and which forms to use.
I knew you did not have any experience years back when I saw your lease agreements.
You need to get with the Houston Apartment Association and find out what works and what does not work.  Please use experienced, seasoned agents/brokers who know and have been in the trenches to get it right now!
  I am tired and fed up with changes every 3 months. 
  One class tells us that our temples change with your changes, and now you tell us they do not change.  Agents are going to get lost in the constant updates.
  If you change a form you need to do it on a set date and oncec a year.  So we will be able to keep up.
  Thank you.
  Concerned in the woods and in blind to your system,

Jeanette Wright on 10/18/2014

I use ZipForms ALL the time to esign with absolutely no problems! Love it! Do wish everything was available digital.  Most clients prefer that to meeting, and hand-signing papers.

Danyelle Daniel on 10/17/2014

How soon will the other disclosures/forms such as on-site septic facility form, addendum for seller’s disclosure of lead based paint,  the request for mortgage payoff, request for info from a property subject to mandatory membership in an HOA, etc. be fillable as well?  Our clients need the capacity to complete all of the documents digitally.  Otherwise, we have a portion of docs that are digital and a portion that must be printed, completed, then scanned back in to be emailed/faxed to us by our client.  If all were digital, we could be assured of the return of a complete package with less hassle for our clientele.

Joy Buckels on 10/17/2014

I have tried to use esign in the past with out success, so docusign is the only easy and seamless electronic signature unless there have be dramatic changes in esign.  Having them seller fill out the disclosure on line would be easy and legible. 

Also in response to the article concerning TAR-1406, ” requires an agent to enter the property address. Previously, the client, who can fill out the rest of the form, was required to enter the property address” the client “MUST” not “CAN” fill out the form.  if any agent of mine completed the form for the Seller, I would send their license back to TREC.  Very liable situation.

Marilyn Burres on 10/16/2014

The Seller’s Disclosure needs to be consistent at the bottom of each page.  Page 1 has the Sellers initialing on the left and the Buyers initialing on the right.  Pages 2-4 have the reverse, with the Buyers initialing on the left and the Sellers initialing on the right.  I think all TREC forms should be consistent, typically with the Sellers initialing on the left and the Buyers initialing on the right.  We read from left to right, and we transfer property from a Seller to a Buyer.

Al Cannistra on 10/16/2014

I am still confused by zipForm’s inability (?) to update templates when forms are updated. Of course no one wants existing client files to be updated but if an agent creates a “template” then why can’t zipForms give that template file a data marker to distinguish it from client files and update those templates as necessary. It would make the agents and the brokers lives less complicated and reduce the risk of using an outdated form.

James Callas on 10/16/2014

phone number is 800-383-9805
Also send sellers disclosure by eSign and it will be fillable by your sellers online…..

My Info on 10/16/2014

On a “subject to sale of another property” accepted contract. Must buyer deposit earnest money and follow option period as a contract without contingency?

Kahlyne Fletcher on 10/16/2014

What are the responsibilities of a licensed agent when holding an open house? is it a requirement that the agent get everyone to write down their driver’s license before they may see the house is?

Greg Spears on 10/16/2014

Mary, your seller can fill out the seller disclosure online. It’s great!

Mary Lyons on 10/16/2014

I also like to know if the Seller can securely fill out the Seller’s Disclosure online.  It would make it easier for those Seller’s who do not live in the area.

Larry Mitchell on 10/16/2014

Can the client electronically fill out the sellers disclosure on line without printing and then sending back.

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