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A blank form with the word

Why is my brother asking me to sign this document?

11/03/2015 | Author: Legal Staff

The reasons behind putting a professional relationship in writing—even between family members.

Categories: Ethics, Forms, Buyers

A man holds a set of silver keys in one hand and a small model house in the other.

5 to-dos for first-time homebuyers

10/09/2015 | Author: Jaime Lee

You have a few tasks to accomplish early in your house hunt.

Categories: Buyers, Sellers, Renters

A smiling man in a light-blue button-up shirt sitting next to a smiling dark-haired woman in a short-sleeved button-up white shirt across the table from a man in a suit whose back is facing the camera

The phone number new homeowners will want to keep handy

09/11/2015 | Author: Jaime Lee

Your relationship with your Texas REALTOR® doesn’t have to end at closing.

Categories: Buyers, Sellers, Homeowners

A man holds a set of silver keys in one hand and a small model house in the other.

How to buy more than the house

08/14/2015 | Author: Jaime Lee

You can ask for items to remain with a property when you purchase it.

Categories: Buyers, Sellers

A smiling home inspector makes notes on a clipboard while standing in front of a fireplace in a vacant house.

Can a seller refuse to let a buyer inspect?

05/19/2015 | Author: Legal Staff

A seller won’t make the property available for inspections.

Categories: Buyers, Sellers

A young woman smiling and looking down at a tablet she is holding in her hands

Buying a home? Here’s your to-do list

03/27/2015 | Author: Jaime Lee

Homebuyers have to do more than just view properties and sign forms.

Categories: Buyers, Homeowners