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Advice for Consumers

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Tag: Homebuyers

How to judge the energy efficiency of a house

03/10/2017 | Author: Fran J. Donegan, guest expert

Clues to how much you'll spend on a property's utility bills.

Categories: Buyers

Front door of a home opening into the entryway with key still in lock

Why you might want a house that others don’t

02/03/2017 | Author: Marty Kramer

What some homebuyers see as undesirable may be exactly why the property is perfect for you.

Categories: Business tips, Buyers

A toy house on top of a stack of $100 bills

These loan programs can help you buy and renovate that fixer-upper

08/12/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

Take advantage of loan programs that allow homebuyers to include renovation expenses in their mortgages.

Categories: Buyers

A toy house on top of a stack of $100 bills

How much should you offer for that house?

04/22/2016 | Author: Jaime Lee

Several factors comprise a strong offer.

Categories: Buyers, Renters

A green arts and crafts style home with a brick fire place, large front porch, and lush green lawn

What thousands of Texans are about to do (but you should do first)

03/25/2016 | Author: Jaime Lee

Homebuyers can prepare now before their busiest time of year.

Categories: Buyers, Sellers, Renters

The Texas flag waving in the wind.

Texas real estate continues to be a strong investment

02/22/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

The latest market news highlights several cities

Categories: Research, Buyers, Sellers, Homeowners

The Texas flag waving in the wind.

Last year was big for Texas housing markets

02/08/2016 | Author: Editorial Staff

Demand for homes was up in cities across the state.

Categories: Research, Buyers, Sellers, Homeowners

A man holds a set of silver keys in one hand and a small model house in the other.

4 expenses homebuyers should keep in mind

01/29/2016 | Author: Jaime Lee

Owning a home costs more than the sale price.

Categories: Buyers, Homeowners, Renters

A small model of a house is cupped by pair of hands.

6 reasons to contact a REALTOR® in 2016

12/31/2015 | Author: Jaime Lee

Work with a professional when buying, selling, or leasing real estate in the new year.

Categories: Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, Homeowners, Renters

The front exterior of a brown two-story home with wide trim and a stone foundation.

4 benefits to being an off-season homebuyer

11/06/2015 | Author: Jaime Lee

Don’t let cooler temperatures keep you from buying your next home.

Categories: Buyers, Renters