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Tag: Disclosure

A man and woman pulling a for sale sign with a sold rider on it with a child running in the background

Do I have to share an inspection report from a buyer who terminated the contract?

03/22/2016 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

A seller asks if he must disclose a new inspection report to prospective buyers.

Categories: Legal

A young woman with brown hair wearing a form-fitting gray sweater shrugs.

Can I skip the disclosure notice?

02/10/2015 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

What are the rules regarding disclosure for sellers who won't make any repairs?

Categories: Sellers

A house with a classic red

Do I have to give a seller’s disclosure notice to a tenant?

03/25/2014 | Author: Legal Staff

A landlord asks if he must give a prospective tenant a seller's disclosure notice.

Categories: Legal, Landlords, Renters

A male model with gray hair and black-rimmed glasses in a blue button-up shirt pointing and looking down at an agenda book on the table he is sitting at; he is holding a device is in his other hand

How Long is the List of Things You Don’t Know About Selling Your Home?

11/25/2013 | Author: Marty Kramer

You often don't know how much you don't know. Here are some examples of situations that could arise when you sell your home.

Categories: Sellers

A woman consoling a frustrated-looking man

A Cautionary Tale for Sellers Who Don’t Disclose

06/26/2013 | Author: Summer Mandell

Disclosure is an important, required step in a real estate transaction. Make sure you're adhering to the law.

Categories: Sellers