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Tag: Buying

Female REALTOR® shaking hands with and giving house keys to excited couple in front of house

2 scams to avoid when buying a home

12/19/2014 | Author: Ward Lowe

Some unnecessary services people will try to convince you to pay for after you close on your house.

Categories: Buyers

Female REALTOR® shaking hands with and giving house keys to excited couple in front of house

You’d love to own that house, but how much should you offer for it?

09/12/2014 | Author: Jaime Lee

Consult a real estate expert when you’re ready to purchase.

Categories: Buyers, Renters

A man with several $100 bills in one hand and holding a $100 bill in the other

Why won’t the seller lower his price since I don’t have a buyer’s agent?

08/26/2014 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

A seller and buyer disagree about how the lack of a buyer's agent should affect the home's selling price.

Categories: Legal, Buyers, Sellers

A man holds a set of silver keys in one hand and a small model house in the other.

4 costs homebuyers should consider from the start

08/15/2014 | Author: Jaime Lee

There's more to buying a home than just the purchase price.

Categories: Buyers, Renters

Two hands shaking in the foreground with a woman holding a clipboard with a piece of paper that says CONTRACT in the background

Can I just cross out parts of the contract that I don’t like?

08/12/2014 | Author: Legal Staff

Consider the legal issues before taking a pen to a contract.

Categories: Legal, Buyers, Sellers

A woman consoling a frustrated-looking man

How hard could it be?

08/08/2014 | Author: Marty Kramer

Why you might need an "uncomplicator" for your real estate transaction.

Categories: Buyers, Sellers, Landlords

Three flat-looking red houses with black outlines with the text: $, %, and TAX

When buyers need to withhold tax on the seller’s behalf

07/29/2014 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

The circumstances under which the Foreign Investment in Real Property Act applies to real estate transactions

Categories: Buyers

A woman with glasses using a magnifying glass to look at a toy house in her hand

5 things first-time homebuyers don’t know they should do

07/18/2014 | Author: Jaime Lee

Don’t wait until after you’ve submitted an offer to consider these questions.

Categories: Buyers, Renters

A young woman with brown hair wearing a form-fitting gray sweater shrugs.

Why didn’t the seller send me a counteroffer?

07/15/2014 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

Doesn't a seller have to either counter or reject an offer?

Categories: Legal, Buyers, Sellers

A red pen circles a date on a white paper calendar.

How do I count contract days?

07/01/2014 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

Counting contract days is easier than you think.

Categories: Legal, Buyers