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Category: Landlords

A young woman with brown hair wearing a form-fitting gray sweater shrugs.

The house I’m renting is facing foreclosure. What now?

09/23/2015 | Author: Legal Staff

What are a tenant's rights when the property has been sold at foreclosure?

Categories: Property Management, Landlords

Six young professionals standing and smiling at the camera

How to get answers to your real estate questions

09/18/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

Here’s the most reliable source for information.

Categories: Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, Homeowners, Renters

Three people with their tablets on the table, using styluses to point at various items on their respective screens

I signed a lease but changed my mind

07/28/2015 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

What happens to the security deposit and prepaid rent if you decide not to move in after you signed the lease?

Categories: Landlords, Renters

Two hands portioning $1 bills into three stacks

Can a landlord keep the security deposit as payment for finding a replacement tenant?

04/21/2015 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

A landlord wants to be compensated for securing a new tenant after an early lease termination.

Categories: Legal, Landlords

Close up of a bingo sheet

Real estate data is everywhere, but what does it mean?

03/20/2015 | Author: Marty Kramer

You could make great decisions about real estate transactions ... if you just knew what to do with all that information.

Categories: Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, Homeowners, Commercial real estate, Renters

A man in a blue shirt and tie with his arms crossed

Are you ready to be a landlord?

11/21/2014 | Author: Ward Lowe

Many people think about owning rental property. Here's what to consider when you're actually going to do it.

Categories: Landlords

Close-up shot of a hand inserting a gold key into a deadlock with the sillouette of another person standing in the background

Is the landlord allowed to show my property whenever she wants?

09/09/2014 | Author: TAR Legal Staff

Find out what a tenant should expect when the property gets put on the market.

Categories: Landlords, Renters

A woman consoling a frustrated-looking man

How hard could it be?

08/08/2014 | Author: Marty Kramer

Why you might need an "uncomplicator" for your real estate transaction.

Categories: Buyers, Sellers, Landlords

A REALTOR® gesturing while standing next to another man while both look at something behind the camera

You might be surprised who is touting the value of real estate agents

04/18/2014 | Author: Marty Kramer

Though you might think this person would suggest that real estate agents are no longer necessary in this age of ubiquitous online information, he went on the record to say exactly the opposite.

Categories: Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, Renters

A form with the words

Is the landlord discriminating against me?

04/08/2014 | Author: Legal Staff

My lease application was denied. Is that legal?

Categories: Landlords, Renters