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Why selling a house can be a techie’s dream

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06/19/2015 | Author: Jaime Lee

How did anyone ever sell a house before smartphones, texting, and email? My husband and I recently started working with a Texas REALTOR® to sell our home, and these and other tech tools have allowed us the ability to respond quickly to requests for information or signatures.

When our Texas REALTOR® sends us a text message to ask if we’re OK with showing time, we message her right back to say yes or no.

We receive automatic alerts on our phones when someone accesses the lockbox for a showing, and we receive feedback afterward from buyers’ agents via email.

I’ve shared documents from my cloud-storage account while grocery shopping—with just a few clicks, they’re sent to whomever needs them.

Last week, we reviewed a form on our phones while in another city’s airport with our Texas REALTOR® on speakerphone. Then, we signed the form with our fingertips on our phones just after buckling into our seats on the plane.

While this process works for us, it may not work for every seller. Your Texas REALTOR® will guide you through the process at the speed that works for you ... in person, on the phone, or in an airport. 

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