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When It’s Best Not To Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

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08/16/2013 | Author: Jaime Lee

It’s perfectly normal to change your mind about what you’re looking for during your house hunt. Maybe the properties you’re seeing aren’t what you expected or you’ve learned something in the process that changed your perspective.

Just remember that your Texas REALTOR® selects potential properties for you to view based on the search criteria you provide, so it’s in your best interest to tell her right away if the homes you’re viewing don’t cut it.

If any of these thoughts pop into your mind, I recommend that you speak up ASAP:

Oh, No, Not Another Two-Story
You told your Texas REALTOR® that you were OK with viewing homes with multiple floors, but now you dread the idea of climbing those stairs. Just say so. She will eliminate those properties from her search, and you never have to consider the cost of installing an elevator again.

Eh, It’s Only Five More Minutes to Work
You were only willing to consider homes within 10 miles of your office, but the few listings in the area are at the top of your price range. Let your Texas REALTOR® know if you’re willing to add a few miles to your drive to increase your options.

We Have One on the Way … or One on the Way Out
Do you expect your family situation to change? Maybe you’re planning to have children in a few years, or your teen is leaving for college soon. Tell your Texas REALTOR® so she can build some flexibility into her search criteria, like proximity to schools or number of bedrooms.

We’re Going to Want a Bigger Boat
Just because you’re pre-approved or pre-qualified for a certain amount doesn’t mean you have to only view homes at that price. Let your Texas REALTOR® know if you’re open to homes at a price that gives you room for other expenses.

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