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05/10/2016 | Author: Mark Lehman

In Lehman's Terms

With presidential campaigns taking up so much airtime, let’s not forget that the U.S. Congress is still in session, and every time these elected men and women meet, your interests as a real estate consumer are at stake. That’s why more than 400 Texas REALTORS® are in Washington, D.C., this week, advocating for you during the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings.

D.C. is beautiful this time of year, but REALTORS® aren’t here to see the sights—they’re here to work. And while being here, they are also sacrificing time away from their businesses and families because they know the importance of face-to-face interaction with legislators. 

Every day during this annual meeting, REALTORS® brave crowded subways, intense security lines, and long trudges back and forth across Capitol Hill to meet with all 38 members of the Texas congressional delegation or their representatives to discuss current congressional actions affecting real estate. For example, one measure makes several much-needed reforms that increase affordable options for homebuyers. Another bill will provide more affordable and accessible private flood insurance options for property owners. Check out the materials on realtor.org to learn more about these and other issues REALTORS® are currently watching.

There are also issues REALTORS® must vigilantly watch whenever Congress is in session. When you filed your income taxes, you may have deducted your property taxes and the interest you paid on your mortgage last year. Unfortunately, these two tax incentives that promote homeownership are always at risk as a vocal chorus of D.C. bureaucrats continues to look for more revenue sources to fund government.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Texas REALTORS® at work as they share their concerns with lawmakers, bringing public policies to life with real-world examples—a role they take seriously.

To put all this in “Lehman’s” terms, REALTORS® don’t just help you buy, sell, and lease real estate. They’re also hard at work protecting your investment by encouraging lawmakers to support legislation that protects homeowners. They came to D.C. to lower your taxes, to increase consumer protections, and to make homeownership affordable for more Americans. Sounds like a lofty goal, but REALTORS® are in it for the long haul for you.

Mark Lehman is vice president of governmental affairs for the Texas Association of REALTORS®. 

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Mary Starr on 05/12/2016

Keep up the good work.  I really miss going to Washington, D. C.

Paul Casmedes on 05/11/2016

Mark, I always enjoy reading “In Lehman’s Terms”. Every article you write is very insightful, and I can’t thank you enough for watching out for our interests as homeowners.  Keep up the great work!


Ronda Needham on 05/11/2016

Thanks to you and our Realtor warriors protecting us and our clients on The Hill!!

Tom Jensen Morgan on 05/11/2016

Thanks Mark Lehman and TAR for standing up for our Texas private property rights!

John Harrell on 05/11/2016

Great piece, Mark, and a wonderful reminder that although the legislature in Texas is not in session the hard work continues. Keeping a vocal chorus that protects the mortgage interest deduction and deductibility of property taxes sustains affordable home ownership.  Continue letting our representatives hear the voices of Texas Realtors!

Candy Cargill on 05/10/2016

I can’t imagine a better group to watch our backs and represent REALTORS from the GREAT STATE of TEXAS.

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