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Should you hire an agent if you found a buyer without one?

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07/19/2013 | Author: Marty Kramer

We could have sold our home without an agent.

A potential buyer … a friend of the family … heard we were thinking of selling. She asked to come look at the house. She loved it.

We hadn’t even contacted an agent about listing our home, and our friend wanted to make an offer.

What did we do? We called a Texas REALTOR® anyway.

Getting an offer is just the beginning
My wife and I didn’t have a lot of experience with real estate transactions. The house we lived in was our one and only purchase. But we knew from that transaction that there’s a lot more to it than simply getting an offer. We decided we wanted a professional to help us sell that home and buy our next one.

We contacted the same Texas REALTOR® we had hired to purchase the house. She was happy to negotiate a lower commission than she usually charged ... after all, she wouldn't have to market the home, and she would be compensated for the purchase we intended to make.

Professional assistance was worth every penny
Our buyer also decided to hire a Texas REALTOR®. Though we were friendly acquaintances (still are), she understood that it would be to her advantage to have a professional on her side as well.

I can’t speak for the buyer, but my wife and I don’t regret the decision to hire an agent. As is often the case, there was much more to our transaction than agreeing on a sales price.

What looked like a slam dunk turned into multiple inspections, more negotiations, questions about the survey, and an amendment to the contract. We also negotiated a short-term lease to allow us to live in the home for a while after the sale closed.

Could we have handled all those details on our own and still seen the transaction through to a successful sale? Certainly it's possible, but who knows how it would have played out?

I do know this: Many times, our Texas REALTOR® outlined our options or helped us understand an aspect of the transaction that made the experience easier than had we taken matters into our own hands. And for that, it was certainly worth the money to have a professional working for us.

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