It’s a long way from accepting a contract to selling your home

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01/23/2015 | Author: Marty Kramer

You accepted a buyer’s offer on your home? Congratulations! Now put down the champagne. There’s work to be done. Lots of work, if you want the deal to close.

Many sellers are surprised when twists and turns occur during their transactions. The buyer’s inspector may uncover serious problems you didn’t know existed—or maybe not-so-serious problems that still put a wrinkle in the process. The buyer could have difficulty getting financing or might just get cold feet. Those examples barely scratch the surface.

Thankfully, when you hire a Texas REALTOR®, you have a professional working for you who knows how to deal with all the sticky situations that may arise. Texas REALTORS® understand how to get from an accepted contract to a done deal. Then it will be time to pop the cork on that champagne. 

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Anna Lee Trinidad on 01/28/2015

Additionally, for things to go well during the transaction, there are also 192 critical steps that need to happen before the home sells. There is also that list.

jennifer on 01/28/2015

Here is a short version of the uRL because it appreas that other one isn’t showing up properly on my phone:

Jennifer on 01/28/2015 of Turbulence.pdf

Jennifer Parker on 01/28/2015

i was curious about the list that Greg referenced too…here is what I found: of Turbulence.pdf

Greg Foster on 01/28/2015

Several people have posted requests for the list of 88 Turbulence I mentioned, but only a couple posted their emails so I could send. Here is my email so you can direct to me for reply.  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Carrie Gallagher on 01/28/2015

Greg,  I would love to have the list as well! I just had this convo with a client. It would be so nice to have the list! Thank you in advance for sharing! .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Alex Vanegas on 01/27/2015

Hi Marty,

I would love to have the list.


Alex Vanegas

Diane Sanders on 01/27/2015

Greg, WOW, I too, would be grateful to you if I could have a copy of that list—I think I have encountered all 88 but can’t remember them!

Jennifer Key on 01/23/2015

Greg,  I will be forever grateful if you would share that list with me!  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Thanks in advance

Marty Lanier Hoag on 01/23/2015

Examples of just some dicy contract-to-close scenarios REALTOR MartySellsHouses.Com with REMAX has seen include: disputing spouses, unresolved estate and divorce issues, overly picky and unsure buyers, liens, hidden credit issues, and more! Because we bring our experience and creative problem solving to the table, more often than not, we can work around the issues to successful closings for our sellers (and buyers).

Greg Foster on 01/23/2015

Years ago I got a list of 88 things that could possibly go wrong with a transaction, referring to them as “turbulence” as in an airplane ride that the pilot must deal with.
I review these with sellers when I take the listing and again when we get a contract. It helps prepare them and helps them understand the value I bring to a transaction in dealing with these to get a closed transaction.

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