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How a Broken Toilet Prepared me for Homeownership

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07/24/2013 | Author: Summer Mandell

Last weekend, I fixed my toilet. I’m no plumber, but I knew something was wrong when the toilet flushed itself sporadically.

I contemplated telling my landlord about the toilet. He’s quick to help. If it’d been a complicated repair or something that could ruin my landlord’s property, I would have given him a call. But after researching the repair myself, I decided I could handle it.

It took me about a minute to replace a part and stop the phantom flushing. It was a small victory for my toilet, but a big victory for me as a future homeowner.

It’s no surprise that being a homeowner comes with the chance that you’ll have to handle repairs. And if you’re a renter whose landlord takes care of your repairs for you, you might want to at least pay attention to the kinds of things that go wrong to prepare for the reality of homeownership.

Of course, you need permission from your landlord if you want to practice handling small fixes yourself or make modifications to the property that you’re renting. For example, cutting down some dead trees was a better job for my landlord than me. And I can’t tell the guy offering to spray paint my address on the curb to go for it without asking my landlord first.

But once you’re a homeowner, your landlord won’t be there to fix your problems. So while you can make exciting decisions about property modifications yourself, you’ll have to figure out how to get those dead trees down on your own.

Homeownership will be less stressful for you if you have realistic expectations. Get help setting those expectations by talking to a Texas REALTOR® who can put repair costs into perspective and explain other aspects of homeownership before you take the plunge.

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